Bramble Berry Tales - The Story of Kalkalih

Getting my kids to bed is always a challenge for me. Still, I'm grateful that my kids don't try to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night. If yours do, you might want to read them this story.

Mooshum sits next to bed and tells Thomas and Lily the story of Kalkalih

The Story of Kalkalih

The story starts with Thomas and Lily who are visiting their grandparents, Mooshum and Kookum, for a few days. One of the things that they enjoy most is Kookum's soapberry jam, which Kookum plans to serve for breakfast.

That night while Thomas is sleeping, he hears a sound coming from the kitchen. He rolls out of bed and catches Lily reaching for the soapberry jam. Lily can't seem to resist its tasty smelly.

Not long after Thomas takes her younger sister back to bed, he realizes that Lily has snuck out again. This time she plays with the radio. Mooshum wakes up after hearing the loud music and marches them to bed. He sits down next to their bed and starts telling them a story about kids who like to sneak out of bed.

Mooshum's story starts with four little kids who are playing outside for a traditional ceremony. A teenage boy, not much older than Thomas, is looking after them. When the sun sets, he asks everyone to go to bed. But they won't listen to him, not even when he tells them about Kalkalih, a scary old woman who eats the toes of children as if they're grapes.

Instead, the kids are distracted by a delicious smell coming from the forest. When the teenage boy realises that the kids are entering the forest, he immediately runs after them. But he's soon snatched by Kalkalih and thrown into a basket along with the other kids.

The kids are frightened, but the teenage boy has an idea. He cuts a hole in the basket to let the littlest boy to escape. He tells the boy to return to his parents and ask for help. Without realizing this, Kalkalih continues to take everyone else inside her house.

She ties everyone in a scary room filled with laughing skulls, as she prepares to cook them. Will they be able to escape from Kalkalih? Will anyone come to rescue them? How will Thomas and Lily react after listening to the story?

Parents Need to Know

The Story of Kalkalih is the first book from a series of three planned for release under Bramble Berry Tales. The developers designed this series to help keep the Squamish language alive. The Squamish language is nearing its extinction, with only 10 fluent speakers reported in 2010.

Kalkalih and the other two stories are the kind of stories that the indigenous people of British Columbia (Canada) has been telling their children for thousands of years. The developers want these books to introduce the culture to a much wider audience.

"If we're going to save them - at least make an impact in a small way - it would be by introducing it to hundreds of thousands of people." - Corey Tracey, Digital Producer

The storybook supports four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Squamish. If you just want to learn a few new words, you can tap the highlighted words in the book. A popup containing the description of the word and how to say it in Squamish will be shown.

Candied salmon in Squamish

Things I Like

Bramble Berry Tales - The Story of Kalkalih offers an interactive and animated reading experience. Unlike most storybooks, you may find yourself turning the text several times before moving to the next scene. Each time you're turning the text in the same scene, you will see an animation. For example, you may see Thomas waking up or jumping out of bed. When the page finally turns for the next scene, you will see a nice transition.

The entire animation is beautiful to look at. You can also interact with the objects. For example, tapping on Thomas when he catches Lily sneaking will yield a sigh from him. The characters are also voiced by different actors, providing an immersive reading experience for the readers.

Kalkalih kidnaps the kids to eat their toes


Bramble Berry Tales - The Story of Kalkalih is a high-quality storybook that allows you to learn about a thousand-year-old tale and the Squamish language. Though there are other ways to keep your kids from sneaking out of bed, this is certainly one of them.

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