Bill Nye the Science Guy Teaches Science to Kids

If you're over the age of 30, you're probably familiar with Bill Nye the Science Guy. This Emmy Award-winning educational TV program for kids was first aired in September 1993, and will soon celebrate its 20th year of demystifying various scientific topics. To mark the occasion, a free Bill Nye the Science Guy app is now available on the App Store.

Bill Nye's research desk.Bill Nye the Science Guy app invites kids to explore science

An App of Science!

Bill Nye the Science Guy introduces juniors to various scientific topics from the solar system to the Earth's geological history. It does it in a fun and imaginative manner -- for example, to enter the science lab you first have to take a fingerprint scan.

Once inside the lab, you can tap on various objects on Bill Nye's desk to learn various lessons and even play mini games. Tapping on the rocket, for example, will launch you on a mission to Mars while Nye fills you in on the planets that make up our solar system. Likewise, tapping on the robot will take you on an archeological dig to retrieve precious artefacts.

Another interesting feature is the spiral, which shows you several optical illusions along with explanations about how they work. There is also a sundial that tells you the current time on Mars, a book filled with instructions for DIY experiments, a TV which lets you watch science video clips (full videos must be purchased first), and a Bill Nye bobblehead doll that spews random scientific facts.

Finally, you can also pop open the drawer to find instructional slides for tying a bow tie and Bill's business card with a periodic table of elements on the back.

Blast a rocket into outer space.The app includes mini games and other activities to engage kids to learn scientific concepts

Parents Need to Know

Juniors can learn about a wide array of scientific concepts in Bill Nye the Science Guy. Some topics that are covered in this app include astronomy, geology, chemistry, physics, and more.

The app presents these topics in a clear and easy-to-understand manner using visual aids, so even young kids can pick up this app without much help from adults. Most parts of the app also include thorough explanations given by Nye himself. That said, some sections (such as the book of DIY experiments and the part about how sundials work) require a bit of reading, so you may need to accompany your children if they are not fluent readers yet.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is free to download and play. However, parents need to know that the app contains links to iTunes to purchase episodes from the TV show.

Have fun experimenting at home.Also included is a book for DIY science experiments

Things I Like

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a fun and educational app that will get kids excited about learning science. Although it is based on an existing TV show, you don't have to be familiar with Bill Nye to enjoy the contents of the app.

One thing that I like about the app is its diverse activities -- there are games, DIY instructions, and even visual illusions. Although these activities are not at all complex, I do think they are quite fun and informative. I especially like the optical illusions section as it is something interesting and unique to include in a kid's app.

Finally, I also enjoy the little interactivity such as the Bill Nye bobblehead doll that says random scientific facts and even play Bill Nye's theme song. The illustrated instruction for tying a bow tie is a nice addition as well.

How many dots are there?See interesting optical illusions


Bill Nye the Science Guy may be a promotional material for an existing TV show, but it is quite engaging on its own. I like that it covers a wide range of scientific topics appropriate for young kids and preteens. It also packs quite a few games and activities, albeit not as many as I'd hoped. That said, for a free app it is quite well-made and worth checking out.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is available for iPhone/iPad
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