HeyHeyPix is a Nifty Camera App for Kids

Since the dawn of camera-touting smartphones, taking pictures have become ubiquitous. Nowadays the average person can be an instant photographer with just an iPhone and a handful of camera apps. But why should grown-ups have all the fun? That's what developers HeyHey Apps thought when they launched their special camera apps for kids, HeyHey Pix.

Decorate your photos with fun little stickers in HeyHey Pix


HeyHey Pix is a nifty little app that allows you to spruce up your photos with cute stickers. The app is a Universal build, which means you can install it on both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.

Designed with kids in mind, the app encourages creativity through a colorful and simple interface. When you start the app, you are given the choice to select an existing photo from your Camera Roll or take a new picture using the in-app camera. Like most camera apps, photos taken using HeyHey Pix will come in a square format.

Next, it is time to get creative. Drag any sticker you like from the sides of the screen onto the photo to use it. There are over 240 unique sticker designs available, including facial features (like eyes and mouths), speech bubbles, hats, animals, fruits, and other random objects.

You can add as many stickers as you want to your photo. You can also resize a sticker by pinching and rotate it using two fingers. Double tap a sticker to flip it.

Once you are happy with your creation, you can save your photo to Camera Roll or share it to Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can also send your photo to other apps, such as iPhoto, Day One or Dropbox, for further editing or for safekeeping.

Parents Need to Know

HeyHey Pix is a straightforward camera app that was designed to provide kids with "a unique canvas to show us how they see people and their surroundings". However, the app can easily be enjoyed by the whole family. The app is also language-neutral, thus it is accessible by kids anywhere around the world.

As I've mentioned, the app is available as a Universal build, but the iPad version comes with a few pre-installed backgrounds which kids can use for their creations. These backgrounds, along with all the stickers included in the app, were designed by famous Belgian street artist Bue the Warrior, who is known for his colorful styles and whimsical, friendly-faced creatures.

It is notable that all the stickers in HeyHey Pix are included with the initial download. There are no ads nor in-app purchases in the app.

Use your own photos or the pre-installed backgrounds for your creations

Things I Like

I have heard several other camera apps for kids, but this is the first time I actually reviewed one. I think the idea is novel — it's always good to provide kids with a fun but safe way to express themselves — but the important question is: does HeyHey Pix deliver?

Well, having tried the app for quite some time, I think HeyHey Pix is a nice alternative for a kid-friendly entertainment. I've said it numerous times already, but the app is really cute. Bue's cartoonish style gives the app its charm, so I take my imaginary hat off to him. I also appreciate the little details found in the app, like the silly sound effects that you hear when you tap on a sticker.

Another feature that I find interesting is the "instant facemaker", as I like to call it. When you load up a photo of a face, the app can recognize it and automatically replace the facial features in that photo with a random set of stickers. Simply tap on the face icon at the bottom of your photo in the sticker selection screen to activate this feature.

Share your photo via social networks and email or transfer it to other apps


All in all, HeyHey Pix is a great app to have. The app's intuitive interface and large collection of stickers are definitely its strong points. I would recommend this app if you're looking for a new source of entertainment for your kids.

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App was provided for our honest review.