Teaching Children About Healthy Eating with Veggie Bottoms

Dinner may sound like a harmless and relaxing activity, but for some parents it is a constant battle. It is especially tough when you have young kids who refuse to eat the slightest bit of green on their plates. If you happen to be one of those tired parents (bless your soul), then here’s an app which may take some load off your shoulders: Veggie Bottoms.

Developed by Red Card Studios, Veggie Bottoms is an original, interactive app that promotes healthy eating for kids. Silly and colorful, this digital book features 12 animated characters based on various fruits and vegetables: Theodore Medford Eggplant, John Lemon, Plato Tomato, and many more.

Meet Sophia Broccoli.Veggie Bottoms is a silly app that introduces juniors to various vegetables and fruits

Bottoms Up!

Navigating the app is simple and straightforward -- to start reading, just tap on the menu that says, “Read Book”. Each character has a dedicated page, which means there are 12 pages to read. To flip over to the next or previous page, you use the navigation arrows on the bottom of the screen.

When you flip over to a new page, the character will tell you its name and proceed to narrate a brief description about itself. This includes telling you what it looks like and why consuming it is good for you. For example, Thomas P. Coconut will tell you that he is covered in a hairy brown shell, but inside he is filled with tasty coconut meat and tasty coconut water.

Once the character has finished his/her narration, a small pop-up will appear to let you know how you can interact with the character. Some characters may require you to tap them, while others may ask you to drag your fingers on screen or shake your device. Either way, there’s always a silly little animation waiting for you. In addition, you can make the characters spin and reveal their “funny little bottoms” by tapping on the fourth icon on the bottom of the screen.

Peas in a pod.Meet 12 vegetables and fruits in the app

Parents Need to Know

As you’ve probably deduced from its name, Veggie Bottoms relies on humor to get kids interested in vegetables and fruits. A running joke in the app is about bottoms; on each page, you can spin the character to reveal their behind. On the page with the Snap Brothers (peas), the word “butt” is mentioned -- something to consider if you are uneasy about potty jokes. But let’s be honest, kids are vulgar, and I feel the contents of the book are acceptable for kids four to eight years old.

Veggie Bottoms is free to download and play. There are no ads in the app, but there is an option to personalize the book with your child’s name via a one-time in-app purchase for $0.99. This is purely optional, and you will still be able to read the whole book without having to purchase anything. However, it is worth knowing that the developers will donate 30% of the app’s proceeds to Fruits and Veggies More Matters, an initiative that aims to introduce healthy eating habits to kids.

Meet John Lemon.Each character has a unique name, voice, appearance, and interactivity

Things I Like

Despite living in a household that loves fruits and veggies, I can see how Veggie Bottoms will be a fun treat to persuade kids who won’t gulp down their greens. While the app is seemingly simple at first, it is actually fun and engaging.

I think it’s clever how the app turns vegetables and fruits into anthropomorphic characters. Hopefully, by learning each veggie/fruit’s unique name, appearance, voice, and personality, kids will learn to remember and like it. Even I can’t help but think of John Lemon whenever I see lemons now!

The app also has terrific interactivity, and there is something different to discover about every character. For example, when you go to the page with Georgia Beet, you can drag your fingers on screen to draw red squiggles. With the Snap Brothers, you can drag to open the peapod and reveal the peas inside. In a silly detail, the characters will sound muffled if you don’t open the pod, and you won’t be able to clearly hear what they’re saying.

Finally, the fact that you can spin the characters to see their bottoms will amuse most, if not all, kids. The animations look smooth, and I experienced no lags or jitters during testing. If there is one complaint, I do wish the app included more vegetables and fruits!

The Kiwi brothers.Fun facts keep the app informative and useful


Veggie Bottoms is an interesting app that introduces various vegetables and fruits to kids in a fun way. Despite its use of vulgar humor, it is actually quite informative. The app also features colorful illustrations, fun animations, and great interactivity. Plus, it’s free! So if you’re running out of ideas to get your juniors to sit down and finish their veggies, this app is well worth a look.

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