Learning Simple Algebra for Kids with Wombi Math

Over the past nine months, I have reviewed many math apps that your juniors can use to practice their basic algebra skills. Three of my favourites are Sakura Quick Math, YodelOh Math Mountain, and Mystery Math Town. While each app has its uniquenesses, these three apps share certain qualities: randomly generated problem sets, different game modes, and adjustable difficulty levels. They are also more suitable for juniors who have mastered the basics.

If your juniors are only beginning to learn math, you will appreciate this brand new app from Wombi Apps. Wombi Math also has the desired qualities I highlighted above, but the app is specifically designed for younger kids.

Wombi Math helps young juniors practice basic algebra operations

Wombi Math

The app starts with a big play button on the center of the screen. On top of the button, you can see the game mode's title. The default game mode is Mixed, which is a combination of the other four modes: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

You can choose to play the game mode that suits your juniors' level. But if you're a first-timer, I'd suggest you choose the Addition mode first. Simply swipe left/right or tap on the navigation buttons to find the mode you want to play.

Once you have selected a mode, five random pairs of equations and answers are generated. Similar to a memory matching game, you are asked to match these equations with their corresponding answers. You can tap either the equation or the answer first. Once you've matched all five pairs, you can replay the same mode or change to a new one by going back to the main menu.

Choose from five game modes

Parents Need to Know

Because you start with five unmatched pairs, the game's difficulty decreases as you solve each equation. The last pair will automatically be solved for you.

You can adjust the game to suit your juniors' progress by setting active numbers for the randomly generated equations. For example, if you set the number 2 as the only active number, all equations will feature that number as one of the operands.

This is an excellent feature if your juniors are still learning to understand how one operand would have impact on operations. For example, having the number 1 as the only active number in a multiplication mode will teach juniors that 1 is the identity property of multiplication. Having the number 2 as the only active number in multiplication and division modes will teach them about doubling and halving.

Match equations with their correct answers

Things I Like

Wombi Math allows you to find matching pairs either by solving equations first and then finding the correct answer tiles, or the other way around. I see this as two difficulty levels built into a single app. For beginners, you might want to start with equations. As your juniors master the operations, you might want to start with results.

Wombi Math is a simple math exercise app. Compared with the other math apps I mentioned above, it's more suitable for younger juniors. Each session only consists of five equations to solve. The app doesn't force you to solve them in a timely manner either. You can take all the time you need, which is ideal for younger juniors who are still learning about basic algebra operations.

You can also set an active number for a game


Wombi Math is a perfect app for juniors who are learning basic algebra operations. The app is able to generate random equations that fit their learning progress. The game doesn't have time limit, and juniors can play either one short session of five equations or as many sessions as they like. I'd recommend this app as an alternative for juniors ages five and up to drill their basic algebra skills.

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