Be a Royal Stylist in the Latest Disney Princess Dress Up Game

Having observed many girls in my lifetime (and being a girl myself), I can tell you that girls are like magpies. We are attracted to pretty and sparkly things, and I’ll bet more than a handful of us have entertained the fantasy of growing up a royalty at least once. Now if your little girl happens to share this fascination of all things princess, then today’s app is suitable for you: Disney Princess Royal Salon

Be a Royal Stylist with Disney Princess Royal Salon

A Royal Treatment

Disney Princess Royal Salon is Disney’s latest Princess-branded app, which sees kids dressing up their favorite royals with sparkly dresses and flowery hair accessories. Four popular princesses are featured here: Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel.

To start playing, you choose a princess to receive a royal treatment. You also get to pick one of four special events which the princess will attend: Royal Ball, Masquerade Party, Holiday Celebration, or a Special Event. A royal invitation will thus appear.

Once at the royal chambers, you can start working your magic on the Princess, starting with her hair. Using a quick swipe upwards, brush sections of the Princess’ hair to create different hairdos. Or, tap on the Magic Wand icon to have the app fix her hair for you.

Next, swipe to the left to pick an outfit for the Princess. Each Princess come with four dresses, which you can style with different colors and patterns. You can even use your device’s camera to snap a picture to use as the dress’ pattern, ala Toca Tailor.

Next, it is a matter of completing the outfit with different accessories, such as jewelries, flowers, ribbons, masks, and handbags. You can also spice up your wardrobe with a bit of magical sparkle.

Finally, when your Princess is ready to go, tap on the Curtains icon on the top right to see her pose at her destined event. A quick snapshot will be taken and kept in your journal.

Give a popular Disney Princess the makeover she deserves

Parents Need to Know

Disney Princess Royal Salon is a simple dress-up game suitable for juniors ages 3 to 8. The app is fairly straightforward and intuitive, so even young kids should be able to use it without much trouble. Audio instructions are also included to help early/non-readers.

The app is also quite safe to use with limited parental supervision. There are no in-app purchases, and all links are only available in a password-protected, parents-only section of the app.

Pick out different hairdos and outfits to fit a princess

Things I Like

Obviously, I have grown past my princess phase, but I think Disney Princess Royal Salon is a nifty little app that will hit home with little girls everywhere. In terms of innovation the app is nothing new, but it is really well-made and entertaining nonetheless.

I think the app does a great job in picking out princesses that appeal the most to little girls. There is a wide choice of wardrobe and accessories, along with several options to customize your outfit to make it your own, so you can create plenty of different looks for the same character. The illustrations are lovely to behold, and I am particularly fond of the Princess selection screen.

I also like that the app is simple and straightforward, which is great for young juniors. Having reviewed quite a number of Disney apps already, I think Disney has figured out what works and what doesn’t in their apps. One thing that I am really happy with is their decision to move all ads/links behind a gated section and I am sure many parents would feel the same way.

Take a snapshot of your work to keep in your journal


While the word “princess dress-up game” will already score you major brownie points with your kids, Disney Princess Royal Salon is a really nice app to have. It’s beautiful, easy to use, and more importantly, familiar. It’s definitely an app that most little girls would love, so if you’re looking for a reliable choice of entertainment, then this one is for you.

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App was provided for our honest review.