Fraggle Friends Forever Introduces a Childhood Classic to New Generations

If you're a child of the 80's, chances are you've heard of (or possibly even loved) the Fraggles. These furry creatures created by Jim Henson were quite popular back then, but it's fair to say that most kids nowadays aren't familiar with them. Fortunately, now there's an app to introduce this classic favorite to a whole new generation: Fraggle Friends Forever.

Fraggle Friends Forever bring a classic favorite to a whole new generation

Let's Rock

Fraggle Friends Forever is an interactive storybook developed by Cupcake Digital, developers of the much loved Wubbzy apps. Designed to please fans old and new, the app offers not just a nicely-written Fraggle tale but also colorful illustrations, educational mini games, and coloring pages.

The story itself revolves around Boober, who is fed of the other Fraggles messing up his beloved laundry. In an attempt to reconcile the situation, every Fraggle decides to move out of the Great Hall, leaving Boober alone in peace. At the same time, the giant Slurp has just woken up and is now devouring everything in sight. So it is now up to Boober to save the day.

Much like Wubbzy and the Princess, Fraggle Friends Forever comes with three reading modes to suit different needs. To start reading, choose either Read to Me, Read and Play, or Just a Book.

Read to Me is a great mode for early and non-readers, as it provides narration. Read and Play doesn't include narration, but you can tap a word to hear it spoken. Just a Book turns off the narration and interactivity found in the other two modes — a particularly useful feature when you don't want the kids to get hyped up, say, before bedtime.

As I've mentioned, the app also features mini games. There are three games in total:

  • Radish Maze, a simple maze game which has readers navigating around a radish patch with their fingers to collect radishes.
  • Doozer Words, a spelling game involving sight words.
  • Doozer Recycling, a unique game in which readers sort out trash into three recycling bins.

You can play these games right after reading the book, or you can quickly access them from anywhere by tapping on the radish icon found on the bottom of the screen. You can also use this menu to go to the coloring pages.

A fed-up Fraggle just won't do

Parents Need to Know

While Fraggle Friends Forever is based on an existing show, you don't necessarily have to be acquainted with it to properly enjoy the app. The story is very kid-friendly, and it only takes a while to remember the characters as they each has a distinct appearance.

The app is also quite easy to navigate and use. The navigation arrows make it easy to move the page forward or backward, and the menu items all have labels to denote what they do. All the hotspots on a page are also clearly marked with sparkles.

Like other book apps by Cupcake Digital, Fraggle Friends Forever includes a thoughtful parents section which suggests several topics to discuss with kids once they have completed the story. Some example topics include how to solve a problem with a friend and what happens the last time you get frustrated.

In terms of security, the app puts all links in a gated area. To enter, you must type in your birth year. The app doesn't include in-app purchases.

Kids can learn to recognize letters and sight words

Things I Like

I am a 90's child, so I have to be frank and tell you that I didn't watch the Fraggles growing up. That said, I found Fraggle Friends Forever interesting and fun.

As always, I am amazed at the amount of interactivity built into the app. I like that there is something to find on every page. The games are engaging and even better, educational. I particularly like the recycling game, as it raises kids' awareness of the environment.

I also think that the story in particular is well written. It flows nicely and ends on a positive note. I like that it relays an important message about communication, friendship, and accepting differences.

The app also teaches kids about recycling


Fraggle Friends Forever is a terrific book app that brings a childhood favorite from the 80's to a new generation. The app is packed with fun, action, and tons of interactivity to keep your juniors engaged. I would highly recommend it.

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App was provided for our honest review.