Kids Learn to Draw with Dipdap

Last month, I reviewed a fun drawing app for kids entitled Sago Mini Doodlecast. To overcome the fear of facing a blank canvas, the app includes templates and framing questions to help juniors get started. It also records all the gestures that you make while you draw.

Today I'm going to review another fun drawing app that uses a similar concept. An animated background story and a visual mission will be provided for each template. So you get essentially an adventure where the object that you draw will somehow help a character called Dipdap achieve his goal.

Dipdap inspires kids to doodle and color


When you start the app, you will see two rectangles. The big rectangle on the left lets you enter Adventure mode, while the smaller rectangle on the right takes you to Freeform sketchpad mode.

In Adventure mode, you will see a carousel comprised of 16 different adventures. Each adventure has a teaser image which shows what Dipdap is trying to do, along with two buttons: Doodle and Play.

When you tap on Doodle, you will see an animation that explains what Dipdap is trying to do. After the intro ends, you’re asked to draw an object that will help Dipdap achieve his goal. Simply tap on the incomplete drawing, and start doodling. If you turn on the guidelines, you will see dotted lines to help you decide what to draw — a helpful feature for first-timers or younger juniors.

On the left side of the screen, you will see a palette of three random colors that you can use to draw your object. Feel free to draw lines, sketch, or fill objects with colors using your fingers.

Once you’re done, tap on the play button on the right side of the screen to watch the continuation of the intro story, featuring the object that you just drew. If you’re not happy with your drawing, you can tap on the pencil icon to go back and redraw the object. Otherwise, you can replay the animation from the main menu using the Play button shown in the teaser image.

Parents Need to Know

Dipdap is a great way for kids to express themselves through doodling. It’s most suitable for juniors ages two to six. If your juniors are ready to roam free with their imaginations, you can tweak the in-app settings to hide dotted guidelines. Keep in mind that regardless what you draw, the object will still work to complete the mission. For example, in the “reaching for the stars” adventure, you can create any object to carry Dipdap into outer space, even if it doesn’t look like a rocket ship.

The Adventure mode is designed to guide and inspire your juniors to draw. Instead of drawing an entire scene or story, the app wants you to focus on drawing one object for each mission. But if you want your kids to draw freely, there is the Freeform sketchpad mode. In this mode, you get the same blank canvas and a set of three random colors, but there’s no background story or mission to complete.

The app has several drawing templates to explore

Things I Like

Dipdap is a fun drawing app. I like that the limited color choices on each canvas helps juniors focus on drawing, instead of coloring. The app also forces you to redraw instead of tweaking your previous drawing. It doesn’t have an eraser tool, so you may find yourself replaying the same adventure over and over to try drawing different objects.

Dipdap records the drawing gestures that you make, so you will see these gestures animated as you play an entire adventure. What I like to do is ask an artistic family member or a friend to draw in the app, and then watch the replay with my sons. I think this is a great idea to pick up a trick or two to improve our drawings.

Follow adventures or draw freely


Dipdap is a wonderful drawing app that focuses more on doodling and having fun, and less on drawing things “the right way”. The animation is cute and intriguing, so it definitely keeps young juniors interested in getting their hands “dirty” and doodling their way into the storyline.

Get Dipdap on the App Store.

Thank you to the developers at Cube Interactive for sharing the app with us.