Kids Learn Emotions with Avokiddo Emotions

Based on my experience, the third year of a toddler’s life is a tipping point for growth and development. Two-year-olds love to explore new things, learn new words, and interact with their families and other kids. A lot of the times, they also explore their own emotions and how they react to different stimulus.

Our app pick for today is a fun toy-like app that tries to explore a variety of emotions and their relationships with the stimulus. Entitled Avokiddo Emotions, the app features three animals that you can play with: giraffe, zebra, and sheep.

Learn about different emotions with Avokiddo Emotions

Avokiddo Emotions

You start the app by selecting one of the three animals. Then, you will see a set of random props falling down from the top of the screen. They may include hats, meals, drinks, musical instruments, and toys. You can drag these props to the selected animal and see how she would react to it.

For example, you can put on a hat, a fake mustache, and a pair of glasses on a giraffe and see how she would react to it. Some accessories may also cause the app to display a themed background. For example, if you put on a beanie winter hat, the background will transform into cable cars flying in a snow-covered mountain with Jingle Bells playing in the background. If you put on a Hawaiian flower lei, the background will transform into a sunny beach with the other animals sail-surfing.

You can also try feeding animals with various fruits, vegetables, candies, and meats. Different animals may react differently to different kinds of meals. It's a great way to learn about different emotions.

The app includes more than 100 different props, which you can combine in any way you like. If you're done playing with the current set of props, simply pull the lever on the right side of the screen. It will drop all the currently unused props and replace them with a new set.

Parents Need to Know

Avokiddo Emotions has no rules. You can drag and combine any props you like. Its open-ended play is perfect for juniors ages two to four who love to explore new things.

In addition to the above props, the app also includes props that would make the animals perform unique activities. For example, if you drag a toothbrush over an animal, you're essentially brushing her teeth. Some props would even trigger different reactions depending on where you drag them. For example, if you drag a pepper bottle to the giraffe's mouth, she will lick it. But if you drag it over to her nose, she will sneeze and cause the other props to scatter.

If you have older juniors, you can use the app to discuss about cause and effect, and how certain things may cause different reactions from the same animal. Once they understand that these relationships exist, you can ask them to predict how an animal would react when you let it interact with new things.

Use various props to trigger reactions from animal pals

Things I Like

When I play the app with my sons, I can give labels to the emotions that the animals are showing. This helps older juniors to express their emotions verbally, and younger ones to use the appropriate body language.

Avokiddo Emotions also allows my two-year-old Noah to play with some of his favorite things, such as soap bubbles and an old radio. He also giggles each time we put on hats that would change the background theme.

Some props also change the background


Avokiddo Emotions is designed as a tool to help juniors learn about their emotions by seeing how animals react to different stimulus. Juniors can also learn that it’s alright to have a different reaction than their parents and siblings. It’s a great toy-like app for juniors ages two to four.

Get Avokiddo Emotions on the App Store.

Thank you to the wonderful people at Avokiddo for sharing the app with us. Noah always giggles everytime he plays with the app.