Ahoy! Fiete Offers Sailor-Themed Mini Games for Kids

Have your kids ever wondered what daily life is like for a sailor? If they have, they might like Fiete, an app by developer Ahoiii, which has kids helping a cheerful sailor with a range of everyday tasks.

Pick the apples and place them in a basket.Fiete offers a wide range of playful games for very young juniors

Anchors Away

Opening the app for the first time, kids will be greeted by the title character, Fiete, who waves happily at them. Pulling the screen to the left will reveal a panoramic view of a sea filled with ships, sea creatures, and a bunch of islands with colorful icons in little balloons hovering over them. As you might have guessed, tapping on these icons will take you to play mini games.

As I've mentioned before, the games revolve around helping Fiete the sailor with mundane tasks. These include putting cheese on his bread, picking out a hat, loading crates onto his boat, putting on his glasses so he can read his newspaper, growing a flower, as well as three levels of a memory card game.

There are eighteen games in total, all of which are very simple and requiring only a tap or a swipe to complete. Once the player has done the required task, the app will show a quick animation, and then it's back to the main screen to select another game.

Parents Need to Know

Fiete is an app that is suitable for the very young (between 1 to 3 years old). The games are simple, but they are good for developing hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. The memory card game is especially notable as it requires the player to find pairs of objects that are related to each other in a way; for instance, a car and a tire or bread and cheese.

Another example is a game in which Fiete tries to open a treasure chest. There are three keys, but only one can fit into the keyhole. Here, juniors are asked to recognize the shape of each key and match it with the marking on the chest. This is an easy and fun way to teach juniors about basic shapes like circles, triangles, and squares.

One thing that parents should know is this app doesn't have written instructions, so juniors don't have to be able to read to play. There is no narration either, which makes the app language-neutral.

In terms of safety, the app has neither ads nor in-app purchases. There are links to external sites, but these are well-hidden in a protected area.

Load the crates onto the boat.The games are simple, requiring only one tap or swipe to complete

Things I Like

Fiete is an elegant and well-made app. Granted, the games are quite short, but they are cute and suitable for the app's targeted audience, which is kids between the ages of 1 to 3. Some of my favorite games are popping a balloon with a needle, giving a ladybug its spots, and putting on a record on Fiete's turntable.

One thing that I really like about the app is how it is quiet, but not boring. The watercolor-like illustrations are lovely and the nautical background music is effective without being loud. This gives the app a calming quality, which I welcome wholeheartedly.

Pick the right key to open the treasure chest.The games help develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills


Fiete is a charming little app that stands out because of its lovable mascot, beautiful illustrations, and toned-down gameplay. The included mini games are useful for developing hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. On the downside, the app might not provide much challenge for older kids.

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