Little Lion Brings Fun Mini Games for Kids

When it comes to picking an app for very young kids, I like to choose the ones with great entertainment values. While it doesn't hurt if juniors start learning to count or write from a very young age, I also think that they should just have fun and play freely every once in a while.

Today I have picked an app that allows juniors to have fun and play with various jungle animals, such as lion, monkey, elephant, zebra, and many more. It is called Little Lion - For kids, and it offers eight short yet entertaining games.

A jigsaw puzzle in Little Lion. Little Lion - For kids offers eight mini games to engage young kids

A Roaring Good Time

Little Lion - For kids is pretty simple and suitable for kids ages two and up. To select a game, simply tap on an icon on the main screen. You can also swipe left or right from within the games to switch to a different one.

As I've mentioned, there are eight games in the app. The first one, represented by a Microphone, is a voice mimicking game. Just speak into the device's microphone, and the animal on screen (you can choose between a lion and a monkey) will repeat whatever you said in a cute voice.

The second game, represented by an Umbrella, allows kids to drag little rain clouds into each other to form a bigger cloud until it bursts into multicolored sparkles around the screen.

In the third game, represented by a Rocket, kids can launch colorful rockets into the sky and see them burst into fireworks. It is also possible to change the colors of each rocket (and the sparks it makes) by dragging a paint bucket from the side of the screen onto your selected rocket.

The fourth game, represented by Drums, is a simple musical rhythm game. This one might be a bit difficult if your juniors have never played this kind of game, but the way it goes like this: first, tap on the radio to start the music. As the music plays, tap on the six animals on the screen in rhythm to fill up the gauges underneath them. Once a gauge is filled, the animal will do a short, lively performance with their musical instruments.

In the fifth game, represented by Bananas, juniors feed animals by dragging the appropriate food. In the sixth game, Curtains, they try to guess which animal is making noises behind the curtains. And in the seventh game, they help various animals play on the Swings by dragging on screen.

Finally, the eight game allows kids to piece together a Jigsaw Puzzle to make a home for an animal. Two choices of difficulty are given; the easy one has six puzzle pieces, while the difficult one has over 20 randomly-cut pieces.

Guess which animal is making noises behind the curtain

Parents Need to Know

Little Lion - For kids is a simple but fun app that offers a variety of games for entertainment purposes. It is especially great for young kids between the ages of two and four. Some games, like Drums, are also good for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

One thing that parents should know is that the app has neither verbal nor written instructions. Thus, it relies heavily on visual hints to relay playing instructions. It is possible that some juniors may need guidance with some of the more uncommon games like the music rhythm one.

Other than that, the app is quite safe for kids. It contains no in-app purchases and no ads.

Tap on the pulsating rings in time with the music to make the animals dance

Things I Like

Having played with the app for a while, I think Little Lion - For kids is a lovely and well done app. I like how it includes a number of different games to keep juniors entertained. These games are quite fun, too. My favorites are Microphone, Drums, and Rocket.

I think that even though the app is mainly for entertainment, it also has some educational benefits. For example, kids can learn about different animals that live in the jungle, the sounds they make, and the foods they eat.

The artwork and animation included in the app are also nice to look at. They are cute, colorful, and attractive for kids. I like that hidden interactivity; for example, tapping the sun in the Curtains game will cause it to spin.

Learn what different animals eat


Little Lion - For kids is a cute and colorful app that lets young juniors have fun with jungle animals. Because the app has eight different games, there is bound to be something for everyone. If you need an app to keep your juniors occupied while you run a quick errand or on short car trips, then this app would be perfect for you.

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App was provided for our honest review.