Questimate! Brings Fun Quiz Games for the Whole Family

I have always enjoyed watching quiz shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I find it amazing how participants can demonstrate such vast knowledge. Even though I'd never participate in such quiz shows, I think it'd be fun to play a similar yet more casual challenge with family and friends.

If you have a similar interest, you're going to like my app pick for today: Questimate! Pro. It allows you to play by yourself, with pass-and-play mode, or even with your Game Center friends.

The Five Quests in Solo Mode.
The Five Quests in Solo Mode.

Questimate! lets the whole family participate in fun quiz games

The Solo Mode

If you're playing for the first time, I'd suggest you to start with the Solo mode. It helps you to get familiar with the game before you challenge other players in a multiplayer game. The Solo mode has five quests that you can choose: Intro, Need for Speed, GeoOdyssey, History of Awesome, and Amazing Animals.

Each quest consists of a different set of themed questions. For example, History of Awesome has questions related to the invention of things, like when the refrigerator, DVD, iPad, Nintendo DS, and Twitter were invented.

To complete a quest, you need to provide "acceptable" answers to seven questions. The game will walk you through as you combine phrases to create your question. The questions usually involve two or more phrases. You can tap the X or shuffle button on the right hand side of the screen to change the phrase options (if you find them too difficult). Keep in mind that there is a time limit for this. If you haven't made up your mind when the time limit ends, the game will choose the phrases at random for you.

To give you an idea, here are some questions that you may encounter in the Need for Speed quest:

"What's the speed of the average service time of McDonalds?"

"How long would it take a tectonic plate to travel a kilometer?"

"How much faster is the fastest tennis ball serve than the fastest marathoner?"

Once you enter your answer, the game will show you how close your estimate is to the correct answer. The closer your answer gets, the higher your score will be. On the other hand, if your answer is out of the "acceptable" range, you will lose one life. You have three lives to complete the quest.

Sometimes if your answer falls within the nearest range, the game will reward you with a Power-up of your choice. Some power-ups help you to get more information about the objects in question, while others help you to bend the game rules. For example, a power-up may lift the time limit for answering the question, and another may give you a range hint. These power-ups will be stored for your profile, and you can use them in future games (including multiplayer ones).

Compete with your friends.
Compete with your friends.

Play the game by yourself, in Pass-and-Play mode, or even against other players via Game Center

The Pass-and-Play Mode

In addition to the Game Center online mode, you can also setup a pass-and-play offline mode. Questimate! allows you to create as many profiles as you need for a multiplayer game. In this mode, players will take turn to compose the question. Then, each player will take turn to enter in their estimation. The game will make sure that other players would not be able to view your answer.

Once all answers are in, the game will show how close each submission to the correct answer. The same rule as the one you see in Solo mode applies here. The goal of this multiplayer game is to be the player with the highest score among the last survivors. As long as you're the only survivor, you will win the game - even if you do not have the highest score.

The power-ups that you will receive in this game are exclusive to you. You can even use the power-ups that you have gained from your Solo sessions. Keep in mind that some power-ups really shine in multiplayer games.

The GeoOdyssey Knowledge quest.
The GeoOdyssey Knowledge quest.

Make up your own questions or rate the available ones

Parents Need to Know

Questimate! is designed to let juniors develop their curiosity about the topics selected in this game. At the end of each question, you can tap on the button that says "Really?" to learn more about the topics. The game uses many publicly available data to build its knowledge base, such as Wikipedia and statistics from OECD. If you want to see other topics covered by the game, you can submit your vote in the main menu.

The game has two app versions: the free version and the Pro version. In the free version, you can only play with the Intro quest. You need to purchase in-app coins to unlock the other quests. The free version is an excellent way for you to try out the gameplay, but I'd suggest you to get the Pro version if you really want to get the best out of this game.

Pinch and zoom to compare the two objects.
Pinch and zoom to compare the two objects.

You can also use gestures to answer questions

Things I Like

Questimate! uses different types of user inputs for different questions. While most questions will use a slider input, some may utilize a numeric keypad or pinch-to-zoom gesture. For example, in many questions that compare the height, length, or area of two objects, the game lets you pinch to zoom (in/out) the objects to get a "feel" of how they compare. Once you submit the answer, the game will calculate how many times an object is higher or longer that another object based on your zoom-and-resize gestures.

If you're going to try this game, make sure you try the multiplayer game. Ask your colleague or spouse to play a game or two with you. The more people you can get in a game, the merrier it will be. I had a lot of fun with the multiplayer game. The game is meant to be played in multiplayer.


Questimate! is a fun quiz game for family and friends. No matter where you are or whom you're with, it's a quick and easy way to have fun. If your juniors are old enough to enter in their own estimations, this is a must-have. I wish all digital encyclopedia have Questimate! engine built into it.

Get Questimate! - Pro on the App Store.

Note: Thanks to the wonderful folks at Motion Math for sharing the app with us. I had a lot of fun playing with my colleagues at work. I can't wait for my sons to grow older and play this game with them.

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