Jim Henson's Chatter Zoo Lets Kids Take Care of Animals

A two-year-old's days mostly consist of sleeping, eating, playing, and taking a bath. Many are still learning to perform these basic actions, but given the chance, they'd love to become teachers.

I still remember the days when Noah was a few months old. His older brother Philip was two at that time. Philip tried to help his mom and me by showing Noah how to do things. Now that Noah is approaching his second birthday, he doesn't have the same experience as Philip. Luckily, there's a brand new app from The Jim Henson Company that lets Noah become the big brother of four baby animals.

Put the babies to sleep.Jim Henson's Chatter Zoo allows kids to become big brothers/sisters and take care of baby animals

Meet the Baby Animals

Jim Henson's Chatter Zoo is an app that lets kids teach baby animals how to perform their daily routines. When you start the app, you will see a carousel of four activities which you can select: wake up time, meal time, bath time, and sleep time. I'd suggest starting with wake up time first, as juniors would when they start their day.

Wake up time is an interactive mini story where you can wake Bailey the baby elephant and Pip the baby wallaby. You start by tickling them and giving them their milk, then by playing hide-and-seek with them. The app will walk you through using visual hints that you can tap to move the story.

Then, in meal time, you will find both Bailey and Pip sitting on their baby chairs next to a refrigerator. You can find many things in the fridge, including banana, milk, bread, and ice cream. Simply drag the ones you want to feed Bailey and Pip. This activity will continue endlessly until you hit the Home button on the top left corner.

In bath time, you will meet two other baby animals: Franny the baby cheetah and Lulu the baby panda. You bathe them one at a time by scrubbing their bodies with soap, washing the soap away with water from the shower, and drying them up with a towel.

Finally, in sleep time, you will help put Franny and Lulu to bed. Lulu doesn't want to go to bed at first, but after reminding her about all the activities that she did with Franny the whole day, she finally agrees to brush her teeth and jump to bed. You can then close the window, turn off the lights, and play a soothing tune to get them to sleep.

Help Franny and Lulu brush their teeth

Parents Need to Know

Chatter Zoo allows juniors to recognise four basic colors: red, green, yellow, and blue. In the final activity of wake up time, you will see Barney trying to find Pip's favourite ball. Barney starts by bringing him red, yellow, and green balls, but Pip remains sad. Once Pip tells Barney that his favourite ball is the blue one, Barney is able to bring the blue ball to cheer Pip up.

If you accompany your juniors while they're playing, you can ask them to identify the correct food in meal time activity. Simply say the name of the food, and ask them to drag it over to Bailey or Pip.

Scrub the screen to bathe the baby cheetah

Things I Like

Chatter Zoo is perfect for my two-year-old Noah. Being the youngest in the house, the app provides a way for him to become a teacher (big brother) once in a while. He can wake, feed, bathe, and put the baby animals to sleep. I rarely see him this excited when playing with an app.

The activities are easy enough for him to perform. He knows the feeling of sitting on the baby chair, and he recognises the four basic colors and many of the foods in the refrigerator. He's so immersed in the story, that he would even kiss the iPad as a way to kiss Franny and Lulu goodnight.

You can use the app to introduce juniors to colors and foods


Jim Henson's Chatter Zoo is a perfect app for juniors ages two or younger, especially if they're the youngest in the house. It's a rare chance for them to practice being the older brother/sister for these baby animals. I'm sure many youngest siblings would appreciate this experience as much as Noah did.

Get Jim Henson's Chatter Zoo on the App Store.

Thanks to the developers for sharing this app with us. Noah really enjoyed becoming the big brother to the baby animals.