7 Differences is a Beautiful Spot the Differences Game for Children

I still remember my childhood days when I had the chance to play spot-the-difference games. Back then these games came in kids’ magazines or in the weekend section of the local newspaper. Nowadays it’s quite easy for juniors to access these kinds of games on the iPad.

Today I want to share with you a brand new game called 7 Differences - Spot the Mistakes from Chocolapps, a team of developers who is well known for their storybook apps. Instead of including additional mini games in their storybook apps, the developers decided to reuse beautiful illustrations from their storybooks to create a new game app.

Find all the seven differences in this illustration of Puss in Boots.7 Differences offers the classic spot-the-difference game for kids

Spot the Mistakes

When you start the app, you can choose to play any of the three game modes: Classic, Mirror, and Memory. If you’re playing the game for the first time, I’d suggest starting with the Classic games first. This game mode will show you two seemingly identical illustrations side by side, and you are challenged to find all seven differences between them.

Within each game, you will be given one joker — indicated by the jester’s cap icon — which will show you one answer for free. I’d suggest using it only when you have found the other six differences because you can only use the joker once per game.

Once you have found all seven differences, the game is completed and a new illustration will be unlocked. There are 12 illustrations for each of the three modes. You can replay any of the unlocked illustrations for as many times as you like, but you only get new ones when you have completed the challenge in the last unlocked level.

When you’re ready to take on a more difficult challenge, you might want to give Mirror mode a try. The app will still show you two illustrations side by side, but this time the illustration on the left is actually a mirror image of the one on the right. To solve this challenge, you need to imagine that there’s a mirror placed between the two illustrations.

Finally, if you’re ready for an even more challenging gameplay, try the Memory mode. In this mode, the app only shows one illustration at a time. Memorize as many things as possible before tapping and holding the eye icon on the bottom right corner. As long as you press down the eye icon, the app will show you another image to compare with the first one. The game can be quite challenging because you’re only limited to seven lookups per game.

Find the different spots.The app includes three game modes, including Memory mode

Parents Need to Know

The game includes a section named Album. It’s a gallery of all the illustrations that you have unlocked and links to the storybook apps where these illustrations originate from. You can tap on the App Store links to find out more about those stories.

The illustrations used in this game are really beautiful. Because they’re taken from storybook apps, each tells its own story. I think it‘s a significant advantage that this game has over other similar apps that lack a strong theme.

Choose between three game modes.Three modes to accommodate a broad audience

Things I Like

I really like the fact that the gameplay has great replay value, no timer, and no punishment for mistakes. This allows kids to take all the time they need to solve a challenge. Even when they’re stuck, they can easily go back to the menu and choose the same level or another level to replay. The game also includes more than two versions of each illustration, providing you with new challenges each time you replay a level.

Based on my observation of my eldest son, Philip, playing the app, these spot-the-differences games can really improve one’s observation skills and attention to details. The more challenging Mirror mode also improves their understanding of how mirroring effect works and how to differentiate between left and right.

If your juniors are five years old or older, I think they’re ready to take on the Memory mode. I really think it can become a good tool to train their visual memory skills. Even adults would find the Memory mode quite challenging.

See all the illustrations and the books they come from.The Gallery lets you browse through all the illustrations in the app


7 Differences - Spot the Mistakes is a really great game for juniors ages three and older. The illustrations included in the app are beautiful and intriguing. The gameplay is really solid, and I personally find that Mirror and Memory modes unique. This is an app that even parents would enjoy.

7 differences - Spot the mistakes - Discovery is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

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