Create Your Own Bugs with Sago Mini Bug Builder

Last May, we witnessed the release of the first two apps from Sago Sago: Sago Mini Sound Box and Sago Mini Forest Flyer. Both apps are suitable for younger juniors who are eager to explore every new thing they encounter. Sound Box allows juniors to explore different types of sounds, whereas Forest Flyer allows them to explore the forest with Robin the bird.

Today we have the third app in the Sago Mini series: Sago Mini Bug Builder. This silly app allows you to create your own colorful bugs, put funny hats on them, and snap their pictures.

A fancy bug.Sago Mini Bug Builder is a fun app that lets you decorate fancy little bugs

Sago Mini Bug Builder

Upon starting the app, you will see a cute bug slowly peeking her way into the center of the screen. Shortly afterwards, she will lay a colorful striped egg. You tap on the egg several times to crack it open, revealing a baby bug with a distinctive shape.

Because the newborn is quite bland, you help adorn it with any of the six bright colors from the palette. You can combine the colors to create unique patterns: striped, polka dots, or simple two-color blocks. When you’re finished, tap the checkmark button on the top right corner of the screen to bring the newborn to life.

Once the newborn comes to life, you can see how many eyes, hands and legs she has. Then, you can choose a funny hat for the bug, feed her some snacks, and wash her face clean from the snack crumbs, before finally taking a photo of her.

As soon as you take the photo, the bug will immediately lay a new egg, repeating the creation process from scratch. It is interesting to know that the newborn bugs may take a different shape every time, and that the app may select two new hats at random for your options.

A newborn bug being colored in.Each newborn bug is a surprise; you never know how they’ll look like after you color them

Parents Need to Know

Each bug that you create will be added into the app’s gallery as you take their snapshots. You can access them from the stacked photos icon on the main menu. By default, the app only lets you keep 60 bugs, but you can disable this limit by going to and toggling the "Limit to 60 bugs" option.

Once you have opened the parental lock, you can browse and manage the photos in the gallery as you would in the You can select multiple photos at the same time to save them to Camera Roll or to delete them. You can also tap any photo to see it in fullscreen and swipe left/right to traverse the entire gallery.

A happy, adult bug.Once the newborn turns into an adult bug, you can put a hat on him and feed him

Things I Like

As adults, we tend to create our designs based on as much information available as possible, but Sago Mini Bug Builder manages to show that juniors may have a slightly different way of thinking. For example, by the time you’re adding colors to the newborn bug, you still don’t know how many eyes, hands, or legs it’ll have, or even if it’ll have a symmetrical shape. These things matter less as juniors tend to focus on the colouring activity.

On the other hand, even though you never know the kind of bug you’re going to get, any color combination that you create will always look great on the newborn. Your juniors can even create random lines and curves, and the end result would still look great. The app also applies masking so that juniors are able to color freely without going over the lines.

After testing the app myself and watching my sons play it for a few hours, I’d classify Sago Mini Bug Builder as a fun coloring app for younger juniors. Instead of worrying about how to color “correctly”, Bug Builder lets juniors have fun just coloring and watching their creations come alive.

A gallery of bugs.You can also snap a picture of your bug and come back to it later


Sago Mini Bug Builder is indeed a fun app for juniors. As a coloring app, it makes the coloring activity a fun, creative, and rewarding experience for juniors. So if you’re looking for a coloring app that has no rules and will always produce great pictures regardless of the player’s skills, I would highly recommend this app.

As a pure activity app, Bug Builder offers an endless stream of fun for juniors as young as two years old. I’m certain that many people, both adults and juniors, would love watching the things they create come to life. I can’t wait to see what other people would create using this app.

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