My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding

Hasbro is one of the biggest companies in the world when it comes to producing toys for juniors. One of its products that are being marketed primarily to girls is My Little Pony. For the last incarnation of the franchise, Generation Four, Hasbro has created a TV series entitled My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If you’re not familiar with the TV series, you might want to watch the latest complete season on iTunes.

A couple of weeks ago, Egmont Kids Media released a brand new app that highlights the story arc in the Season 4 finale, i.e., the royal pony wedding a.k.a. The Canterlot Wedding. Inspired by this story arc, our app for today is created and titled as My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding. This brand new storybook app will feature all six main ponies from Generation Four: Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rarity.

The ponies receiving a wedding invitation from Princess Celestia.My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding is an adorable storybook app based on the famous franchise

The Canterlot Wedding

The story starts with Spike, the baby purple dragon, rushing into a peaceful picnic to deliver a special invitation for the ponies. The invitation comes from Princess Celestia, who needs the ponies to help get everything ready for her upcoming wedding with Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle's big brother. She even identifies how each pony would help her.

Applejack will be responsible for the food and beverages during the wedding feast. Rainbow Dash will light up the sky with her Sonic Rainboom. Rarity will design the most beautiful dress for the bride. Fluttershy will arrange her choir of songbirds to produce beautiful music for the wedding. Pinkie Pie will be in charge of hosting the reception. Finally, Twilight Sparkle has to organize everything and make sure the wedding goes as planned.

Once the ponies are ready, they immediately jump on board of the Friendship Express, which takes them to Canterlot. Upon arrival, all the ponies begin their tasks immediately. As the reader, you are invited to help them in finishing their tasks. These tasks will be shown as mini games that you can play by pulling down the purple curtain on the top of the screen.

For example, you can help Applejack prepare the menu for the wedding day. You can choose to bake the cookies or decorate the wedding cake. Simply select five ingredients from the left sidebar and put them into the mixing bowl to create a menu card. You can then decorate the card with the accessories available from the sidebar.

You can also help Rarity design a wedding dress for Princess Celestia, or help Fluttershy arrange her choir of songbirds. The app also allows you to play with Rainbow Dash as she practices her Sonic Rainbow moves. Finally, you might want to help Pinkie Pie pick up the perfect flowers to decorate the castle.

Once everything is ready, the royal wedding begins. The guests cheer and clap as the bride and groom swap rings and declare their love for each other.

Design a wedding dress.Help Princess Celestia plan her wedding day by designing her wedding dress

Parents Need to Know

The plot chosen for the app is slightly different from the plot in the original TV series. The original season finale spans for two episodes, each 22 minutes long. The wedding preparation in the TV episodes is a lot more challenging than the one in this app. I believe the developers have carefully designed the storyline to keep it simple and fun, fitting the 21-page format of the storybook app.

Unlike many other storybook apps on the App Store, My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding is a bit like an animated movie. There is less interactivity on each page with the exception of the mini games. The illustrations are really beautiful and the narration are professionally done.

Applejack preparing the menu.Help Applejack prepare food for the wedding

Things I Like

I really like how the app teases the readers with the contents on the next page when the narrator finishes reading the current page. The next page slides in with a subtle animation, enticing you to tap on it.

Another thing that I really appreciate is how you can see all the decisions that you made in the mini games reflected in the wedding ceremony. For example, you will see the custom decorations that you made on the wedding cake, the dress that you designed for Princess Celestial, and the flowers that you selected for the castle decoration. You can switch back to any of the mini games to change your design and return to the wedding ceremony to see your changes reflected on the page.

Join the little ponies at the wedding.Your creations in the mini games will be shown in the wedding party


My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding is a beautiful storybook app based on the Season Four finale of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series. Regardless whether your girls are familiar with the franchise or not, this is a high quality storybook app with a lovely story. Your girls will enjoy the storyline, play with the mini games, and see how their design decisions being reflected in the wedding ceremony.

My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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