Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Coloring Pages Let Kids Paint and Play

Ever since I was a young kid, I have always enjoyed watching Disney animated films. Now that I am a parent, both my sons happen to share my interests. They really love watching the shows on Disney Junior, especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

If you have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan in your household, you’re going to love the app that I chose to review today: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint & Play HD, an official app from Disney which allows your juniors to paint many items inside the Clubhouse.

A painting in progress in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint & Play HD.Color with Mickey, and watch your paintings come alive

Watch Your Paintings Come Alive in 3D

When you start the app, you will be shown three areas that you can paint and decorate: the Kitchen, the Living Room, and the Garden. After you select an area, you will see a completely white (uncolored) version of that area. Each area has a coloring book which covers all the items, backgrounds, and the character in that area.

To see all the items that you can color, tap on the blinking coloring book icon on the top right corner. You can then color and decorate every visible area according to the way you envision it. For example, in the Kitchen area, you can color all the furnitures (refrigerator, sink, counter, cupboard, and even the kitchen wall and floor), the kitchenwares (tea kettle, pots, pans, and ovens), the meals (bread and soup), and even Mickey himself.

Once you select an item to color, the app will switch you to the coloring view where you have access to a sidebar menu, an option wheel, and a toolbar at the bottom. The sidebar menu contains buttons to switch between areas and items; buttons to undo, redo, save, and delete; and a magic wand that allows you to transform your painting into a 3D animated object.

On the bottom toolbar, you can select the painting tools that you want to use. There is a wide selection of painting tools, including paint brush, marker, crayon, color pencil, chalk, splatter brush, spray paint, and glitter. You can also choose goofy items to paint with, such as golf ball, sponge, or even comb. You can even apply patterns such as puzzle pieces, stickers, seasonal patterns, arts, crafts, numbers, and letters. You also have access to the Mouseke-Brush, which allows you to magically paint an item according to the colors you’d find in the original TV series.

The option wheel will show different options depending on the tools you’re using. If you’re using one of the coloring tools, the option wheel will act as a color wheel. If you’re using one of the patterning tools, the wheel will show many patters, stickers, numbers, or letters that you can apply on the page. If you can’t find a pattern that you like, the app also includes a camera for snapping your own unique texture.

A room in the clubhouse, ready to paint.You can paint any object in an area

Parents Need to Know

Juniors can do more than just paint in this app. They can also learn about symmetry, play with the Mouseke-Music Player, and even create their own cupcakes using the Cupcake Mixer.

In the Garden area you can find Minnie on a picnic. Here, you can not only paint the picnic equipments, but also Minnie and her surrounding environment. When you activate the symmetry coloring by tapping on the butterfly icon on the bottom left corner, you can see each of your strokes mirrored simultaneously to yield a painting with perfect color symmetry.

In the Living Room area you can find a Mouseke-Music Player at the center of the room. Tapping on the player allows you to play a music theme of your choice: ragtime, classic, rock n' roll, pop, and even country. You can also record your own music and voice.

Finally, in the Kitchen area you can find a Cupcake Mixer which you can use to decorate and package cupcakes in gift boxes. You can apply colorful frosties and sprinkles on top of each cupcake by mixing the three primary colors. You can also mix these colors with white to produce secondary colors such as pink, green, and purple.

A butterfly with colorful patterns.You can use colors, patterns, and even glitters in your painting

Things I Like

This is one of the best coloring apps for juniors that I’ve ever seen. I like how it allows you to color in every object in an to create a complete scene. The colors that you choose for each object will definitely affect the mood of the painting.

I also like how the app lets you focus on coloring one object at a time. Color masking is applied automatically so you can spill colors outside of the object area without having to worry that it will affect the 3D object. This allows you to apply various painting techniques on a single object much easily.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play HD also has one of the most diverse set of painting tools that I’ve ever seen in an app. I don’t see any drawback in this approach especially after observing my two-year-old Noah playing with the app. As the tools are shown in a scrolling belt, juniors would only see no more than 10 tools at a time. This prevents them from getting overwhelmed by the number of available options.

Finally, the ability to immediately see your creations magically come alive is priceless as it gives juniors an immediate feedback to fine tune their creations. It enables them to experiment easily and frequently.

Decorate your own cupcakes.The app also includes mini activities, such as decorating cupcakes or recording your own music


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play HD is one of the best coloring app for juniors. It wins plus points for letting juniors play with familiar Disney characters, and the fact that you can see your creations come alive in 3D animated forms is great. Even if you are not particularly a fan of the characters or the TV show, I’d still recommend this app as it encourages juniors to create and experiment.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Coloring Pages is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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