More than seven months ago, I reviewed a great science app for juniors entitled GazziliScience. Today, I’m writing about a brand new app from the same developers that focuses on basic math concepts, such as numbers, counting, and basic arithmetic operations.

Gazzili learns to subtract with the help of balloons.GazziliMath takes juniors on a math trip around the animal park

A Visit to the Gazzili Park

GazziliMath reuses many of the characters from the previous apps in GazziliWorld. This time, the characters are visiting the nearby Gazzili Park where they can see how different animals live in the zoo. All of the mini games are designed to fit this storyline such that juniors would feel like they are sightseeing and playing with the animals instead of learning math.

You start the game by determining the correct number of tickets that you should get for the correct number of people in your group. Once you have purchased a ticket for everyone who comes, you can continue to visit the giraffes, monkeys, elephants, and penguins.

Each of these animals are grouped in their own respective places. You need to match each number that you have with the correct group of animals. Once you have put the correct number signs, you will be asked to feed the animals by dragging the food baskets.

In the second game, you will visit a seal who will teach you to count forwards and backwards. You will see the seal playing with ice blocks. Each time you tap on an ice block, it will pop over to the sand. Then, you need to identify how many blocks are already on the sand by tapping the correct number from the several options shown on the top half of the screen. The blocks would then eventually form an igloo.

Next, the game will take you to visit a giant aquarium, which is covered by plenty of ice blocks. Tapping one block at a time will reorder the number signs in descending order from 10 to 1. When you finally remove the final ice block, you will find a nice surprise.

While the first two games are suitable for juniors ages three and under, the next four games are more appropriate for older juniors. For example, in the third and fourth game, you will learn about addition. Then, you will follow it up with a game on subtraction, before ending it with a game explaining the concept of halves.

You will find games where you are asked to identify the result of adding an object to an existing group. You will also find games where you need to identify which groups of objects that can be combined to form a bigger group of ten objects.

Gazzili teaching kids about simple additions.The app reuses characters from Gazzili World

Parents Need to Know

GazziliMath is designed for juniors ages three to five years old. As what you would expect from activity apps designed for juniors in this age range, you will encounter some forms of rewards that juniors can unlock upon playing or completing each activity. In this app, the reward takes the form of six musical instruments that you can unlock each time you complete a game.

These musical instruments involve monkeys playing maracas, juniors singing in a choir, parrots making unique sounds, a seal playing three horns, a group of frogs playing the bongo drums, and a bear playing the guitar. You can access them by tapping the Gazzili Fun Page button on the main menu. You can choose which instruments you want to be involved in the orchestra, or just let all six of them play a pre-arranged song.

One thing that you should know before being frustrated at the app is that it has a timeout policy. If you do not interact with the app for the past 40 seconds or more, the app will automatically redirect itself to the main page. If you encounter this by accident, don’t get mad — you’ve been warned.

A group of kids holding out numbers to arrange in ascending order.Sort the numbers to build the igloo

Things I Like

As what we’ve experienced with other GazziliWorld apps, GazziliMath also offers a play mode for the hearing impaired where the app will show subtitles in areas that do not obstruct the current activity. This feature also allows you to play the app without turning up the volume.

I really like the mini game where you are taken into the jungle area to learn about incrementing a number by one. First, you will be asked to identify how many parrots in a group. Then, another parrot enters the screen, increasing the total by one. Afterwards, you will be asked what the updated total is. This is a very effective way to teach my three-year-old Philip the concept of incrementing numbers by one.

Another mini game that I like is where you get to play with balloons. Popping balloons is always a fun activity, and using it as a way to illustrate the subtraction (taking away) concept is very effective. The way the game introduces new balloons after the first subtraction operation is also quite elegant and doesn’t interfere with the gameplay. I really like how the developers pay attention to little details like this.

The Gazzili Orchestra.You can earn musical instruments each time you complete an activity


GazziliMath is a great math activity app for juniors ages three to five. It contains basic math concepts such as counting forward and backward, addition, subtraction, and halves. The app uses the zoo theme very well by designing a well-rounded series of games around the activities which we can do in a animal park. Regardless whether your juniors have visited the nearby animal park or not, I’m pretty sure they would love to play with GazziliMath without even realising that they’re learning math.

Get GazziliMath on the App Store.

Thank you to the wonderful folks working with Gazzili World for sharing the app with us. Both my sons really enjoy playing the app.