Kids Juke Box: Caspar Babypants Music Time!

My youngest son, Noah, is really into music. Every time he hears a song, he would immediately jump up and dance. That’s why I have been trying to find as many professionally-produced original music for kids as possible. Many of the apps that are available on the App Store tend to highlight popular nursery rhymes, instead of coming up with their own original music.

Thus, when the developers from Cat Nap Apps contacted us about their brand new app, Caspar Babypants Music Time!, I was very excited. I knew that Noah would be in for a good treat as the app has up to 120 original songs written for juniors.

Tap on the drum set to follow along the rhythmCaspar Babypants Music Time! is an interactive jukebox which features original music by Chris Ballew

Caspar Babypants Music Time!

When you start the app, it will show a carousel of six album covers. The app comes with 12 songs, i.e., two from each album. Once you have selected an album, the app will automatically play the first unlocked song on that list.

On the top of your screen, you will see five tabs in addition to the home button represented by the red bird icon. The first three tabs allow you to play with musical instruments as the song plays in the background. The musical instruments are xylophone, guitar, and drum set.

In the fourth tab, you can see the lyrics and guitar chords to the song, allowing you to sing and even play along with your own musical instruments. You can also access the pause/resume button, previous/next buttons, and repeat button.

If you want to jump to another song, you can tap on the top right button to bring up the list of songs in the album, including the ones that you haven’t unlocked. To unlock the rest of the songs, you need to buy the full albums on iTunes Store, and download the songs on your iOS device. Once they’re available on your device, the app will automatically recognize the songs and unlock them for you.

Tap on the xylophone to playPlay with three different instruments, all tuned to the chords of the song being played

Parents Need to Know

The person behind Caspar Babypants is Chris Ballew from the rock band The Presidents of the United States of America. When he’s not spending his time writing music and practicing with his band, Chris is busy making acoustic music for kids and their parents to enjoy together. His albums are a mix of fun upbeat original songs, re-imagined classics, and always a few bed time songs. This Music Time app tries to act as a juke box for all of Caspar Babypants albums, which encompass over 100 songs.

If you’re thinking about handing the app over to your one-year-olds, you will appreciate the baby mode. Within the three musical instrument tabs, you can find a lock icon on the bottom right corner. Tap and hold the icon to switch to baby mode. In this mode, you can’t access any of the other menu or switch your instrument. To switch off the baby mode, simply tap and hold the lock icon again until the menu tabs are fully shown.

Swipe through the covers to select a songThe song includes 6 songs with on initial download, but you can unlock the other songs on iTunes

Things I Like

I really like the original music that are included in this app. It’s very rare to find high quality music that has been professionally written and arranged for kids.

If you or your juniors can play the guitar, you will appreciate that the developers included the guitar chords for each song, allowing you to play along. You can even tap on the turtle icon to slow the music down if you want to learn about the chord changes. On the other hand, if your juniors are still too young to play a real guitar, they can still play with the in-app guitar as its chords are already synced to the tunes of the song.

My favorite song in the app is Googly Eyes, from the album This is Fun!. I like both the song lyrics and its tunes. I believe by listening to the song, you can get a glimpse of the kind of quality you can expect from Caspar Babypants. I highly recommend you check out the following official music video for Googly Eyes:


Caspar Babypants Music Time! is an excellent kids juke box highlighting all the songs that have been released by Chris Ballew under his pseudonym Caspar Babypants. If you have been looking for professionally-produced original music for your kids, this is the perfect app for you to get started with. If you have juniors who are actively responding to music, I’d highly recommend you to check this app out.

Caspar Babypants Music Time! is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

App was provided for our honest review.