Pippi Longstocking Games: Memo and Jigsaw Puzzle

Our European readers may be familiar with Pippi Longstocking, a series of children’s book by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Originally created to entertain Lindgren’s sick daughter, the series was well received for its quirky characters and tales.

Now, more than fifty years after the first Pippi book was published, developer Filimundus has adapted the series into several interactive apps. I happen to have two of their latest releases to share with you, entitled Pippi Longstocking’s Memo and Pippi Longstocking’s Jigsaw Puzzle, respectively.

Flip the cards to find matching pairs.Pippi Longstocking’s Memory is a unique memory game based on the famous Swedish children’s classic

Pippi Longstocking’s Memo

The first app that I’m going to review is Pippi Longstocking’s Memo, a rendition of the classic memory game in a number of cards are laid face down on the screen. The objective of the game is to flip two cards at a time to find pairs of matching cards.

What makes the app interesting is that it offers six game modes: Characters, Numbers, Functions, Sounds, South Sea, and Timed. While the gameplay remains the same throughout these modes, the objective is slightly different in each one.

In Characters, you try to match illustrations featuring the characters in Pippi Longstocking books. In Numbers, you match groups of objects with the numbers that correspond to their respective sums — for example, the number ‘3’ with three keys.

Functions is an interesting mode in which you match illustrations of objects that are related to one another in some way, such as a monkey with a banana, a Christmas tree with ornaments, and a hammer with nails. While Sounds asks you to connect objects with the sounds that they make, e.g. a duck with a quack, Pippi with a giggle, and so on.

South Sea features sea-themed illustrations, like sailors and pirates. Finally, Timed is the only game mode that times and scores your efforts in turning over all the cards.

All game modes in the Memo app offer three difficulty levels. The easiest mode uses 10 cards, while medium and hard use 20 and 30 cards, respectively.

By default, the app is configured for a single player. However, you can also activate versus mode to play against a friend or a computer opponent. In this mode, a player’s turn lasts as long as he or she is able to find a matching pair. The player who has the most pairs in the end wins the round.

Pippi Longstocking’s Jigsaw Puzzle

Pippi Longstocking’s Jigsaw Puzzle is a simple, colorful app which contains six puzzles depicting scenes from the book and the movies. The pieces vary between 12 to 24.

It is noted that when a puzzle is completed, the scene becomes interactive. An example is the one depicting a camping scene, in which you can tap on Pippi to make her giggle or on the ducks to make them quack.

Also included in the app is the option to change the difficulty settings of the puzzles. For instance, you can turn on or off the overlaying image that makes it easier to know which pieces go where. You can also and make the pieces snap to grid, and set the pieces to have random orientations. This way, players may need to rotate the pieces before placing them on the board.

Drag the pieces to the board to complete the puzzle.Pippi Longstocking’s Jigsaw Puzzle offers six colorful puzzles that create interactive scenes

Parents Need to Know

Pippi Longstocking’s Memo and Pippi Longstocking’s Jigsaw Puzzle are free of ads and in-app purchases. Both apps are free of ads and in-app purchases.

If you are interested in the apps, it should be of note that the apps have few written (and spoken) instructions, so no reading skills are required. You also don’t have to have any prior knowledge about the Pippi Longstocking series to enjoy the app.

I would say that the Memo app will appeal to a wider audience as it involves a broader set of skills compared to Jigsaw Puzzle. In addition to sharpening the memory, Memo also helps kids with object associations. That said, both apps are perfectly usable for kids ages three and up.

Things I Like

Pippi Longstocking’s Memo and Pippi Longstocking’s Jigsaw Puzzle are both great apps for kids. Like developer Filimundus‘ other apps, they have very intuitive user interface and compelling illustrations/animations.

My favorite thing about Pippi Longstocking’s Memo is that it provides many different games modes that are fun and challenging. Some of the game modes, like Sounds and Functions, are quite fascinating. To me, they make the app unique as I have never come across other memory games that offer the same things. I also like how I can play the app alone or against an opponent.

Pippi Longstocking’s Jigsaw Puzzle may not be the most innovative app, but it does make a decent time filler. The controls are quite straightforward, so kids should have no problems getting started. Its best feature is the interactive scene at the end of a puzzle, which young kids will find rewarding.


Pippi Longstocking’s Memo and Pippi Longstocking’s Jigsaw Puzzle are well-made apps that should appeal to everyone. Longtime Pippi fans will be delighted by this graceful offering that features their beloved heroine, while new readers will be entertained by the solid game modes. Overall, I would recommend both apps for your juniors.

Get Pippi Longstocking’s Memo on the App Store.

Get Pippi Longstocking’s Jigsaw Puzzle on the App Store.

Thank you to Filimundus for providing us with the app!