Wow! Wow! Wubbzy Adventure: Wubbzy and the Princess

If you live in the US, you may be familiar with the animated TV series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy on Nick Jr. This Emmy Award-winning cartoon follows Wubbzy, an effervescent pup-like character with a really long tail, as he goes about his days in the happy town of Wuzzleberg.

Well, in addition to starring in his own shows, Wubbzy also has his own apps. A bunch of them, actually. Today, I'll be reviewing one that was only recently releases: Wubbzy and the Princess, an interactive story app for kids.

Daisy suggests that everyone make up their own fairytale.Wubbzy and the Princess is an interactive book app featuring characters from the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy TV series

Wow! Wow!

On a rainy day in Wuzzleberg, Wubbzy and his friends decide to come up with their own fairytale to pass the time. Unfortunately, while they were setting up their props, Daisy's princess crown broke. Widget suggests that Wubbzy and Daisy travel into their fairytale using his Storymaker 3000, and find a sparkly new crown in Crown Castle.

Upon arrival in the Wuzzleburg forest, Wubbzy and Daisy is advised by a friendly troll to go through the enchanted meadow and up the beany-beanstalk to get to Crown Castle. Wubbzy and Daisy retrieve the princess crown, but on their way down the beanstalk they are chased by the resident giant. They run as fast as they can to the Storymaker 3000, but it is stuck! Can Wubbzy and Daisy make it back home safely?

Designed for kids, Wubbzy and the Princess features colorful illustrations. It comes with three reading modes: Read to Me, Read and Play, and Just a Book.

In Read and Play, readers can follow the story on their own pace but still have the opportunity to play the mini games and explore the interactive elements of the app. In Just a Book, the story is presented without animations or narration - making it a perfect companion before bedtime.

Read to Me is the all-inclusive mode. When choosing the mode, a narrator reads the story aloud while readers are free to explore each page for interactive hotspots. This mode also includes four educational mini games dispersed throughout the story:

  • Jumping Princess. Tap on Wubbzy to make him jump the same number of hops as Daisy.
  • Beanstalk Hop. Help Wubbzy get away from the giant in the beany-beanstalk by tapping on the correct word.
  • Crown Jewels. Decorate the sparkly crown by dragging various shapes of jewel to places that fit.
  • Gem Match. A fun, Bejewelled-inspired game where you match groups of three gems to grow the beany-beanstalk.

Finally, the app also includes music videos and coloring pages. You can access these activities by tapping on the Menu button at the bottom of the screen. You can also jump to a specific page or mini game.

Tap the right word to escape the giant.The app has lots of interactive hotspots as well as four fun mini games

Parents Need to Know

While Wubbzy and the Princess was created based on an existing TV series, it is possible to enjoy the app without prior exposure to the show. The story is very junior-friendly, and kids ages 3-5 should be able to use the app easily. However, parents should beware of links to the developer's other apps and social media.

For the parents, the app includes a Grown-Up’s Corner, which contains suggestions for topics to discuss with their juniors after reading the story. Example topics include why Wubbzy and his friends cannot go outside when it rains, and what story you would visit if you had the Storymaker 3000.

Match three gems to explode them.A notable mini game is the Bejewelled-inspired game for growing the beany-beanstalk

Things I Like

Wubzzy and the Princess is a bubbly, colorful app that is perfect for young juniors. Even if you are not familiar with Wubbzy, you can still enjoy how cute the characters are. I like that the app contains absolutely no violence — even the (supposedly) bad guys are friendly here.

I am also in awe at the sheer amount of interactivity included in the app. There is always something to play with in every page. Even more appealing, many of the interactive hotspots are educational. For example, when you tap on the geometric shapes drawn in the hopscotch tiles on the first page, the app will tell you their names. You can also tap on the calendar to go through the names of all the months in a year.

The games are also a nice inclusion. My favorite is undeniably the Bejewelled-like match-three game, but the other three are just as fun. They also have educational values, which is a big advantage in my book. Finally, the painting activity and the music videos round up the many things you can do in the app.

Wubbzy offers some pointers for parents.The Grown-Up’s Corner contains suggestions for topics to discuss with juniors


Wubbzy and the Princess is an adorable story app with a positive story and tons of interactivity. Even if you are not familiar with Wow! Wow! Wubbzy, you can still enjoy the junior-friendly tale. The mini games are really fun, too.

Get Wubbzy and the Princess on the App Store.

Thank you to Cupcake Digital for providing us with the app. We wubb it!