Magic Stickers! Fosters Children’s Creativity and Imagination

If you have been paying attention to the many activity apps that we have reviewed, you probably notice that most of them use stickers as rewards. It seems like many developers agree that juniors love stickers. On the other hand, it’s quite rare to see an app that focuses on stickers not as a form of reward, but as the main interactive elements that juniors can manipulate directly.

We all know what physical stickers look like, and what their limitations are. Their dimensions are static, and once you put them in a particular place, it is difficult to move them. Many apps try to improve this by allowing you to move the stickers even after you place them. Some apps may also allow you to resize the stickers, but that’s about it.

Stick the stickers anywhere on the scene.Magic Stickers! is a creative and imaginative app for juniors

Magic Stickers!

Lazoo’s brand new app, entitled Magic Stickers!, is quite unique. Besides allowing you to move stickers and resize them, you can also tap to see them animate individually. When you tap the Go button on the top right corner of the screen, all the stickers on screen would animate and interact with each other.

The app comes with eight fun background scenes, several custom stickers for each scene, and more than 50 more generic animated stickers. You can put as many stickers as you like, position them anywhere on screen, resize, and even rotate them.

Magic Stickers! also allows you to create your own stickers. Simply tap the crafts icon at the bottom right corner to open a new sheet where you can draw a new and colorful sticker. You can access these stickers on the right sidebar as you play with the other stickers.

What makes this app magical is how the stickers, even the ones you have just created, are able to animate on their own. You can try to create an object of your own, or a totally random doodle. I assure you that your juniors would love to see their creations come alive.

To give you a better idea of how you can interact with the app, I’d suggest you watch the following promotional video from the developers:

Parents Need to Know

All Lazoo apps, including Magic Stickers!, have a set of common objectives. They are designed to foster creativity, encourage self-expression, and empower imagination. You can definitely see all three objectives implemented really well in Magic Stickers!

I’d recommend you to accompany your juniors as they play with the app. Start with any one of the built-in background scenes, and hit Go! just to see how they would animate and interact. Explore the built-in stickers, ask your juniors about what is possible, and let them be the art directors. Once they get the hang of how stickers would animate and interact with each other, introduce them to the crafts section and let them create their own stickers. They’d be amazed when they see their stickers come alive.

Magic Stickers! also includes a link to its Daily Crafts website in the Parents section. Similar to the contents that you can find on Lazoo’s website, you will receive crafts ideas on a daily basis. Each idea will be accompanied by a photograph showing what the final crafts would look like, a list of supplies that you need, and a set of instructions on how to assemble it. If you love to create handicrafts with your juniors, this is quite a convenient way for you to be exposed to new ideas.

Draw your own stickers.You can draw anything and have the app transform it into an animated sticker

Things I Like

I really like the interaction between the stickers. I think it’s just amazing. For example, you can put an ant up in a sky, and as he falls, he’d pull out his parachute. You can also put a mountain goat anywhere on the screen, and he will walk up the mountain of sandwich. It’s almost unbelievable to see how these stickers interact with the background scenes and other stickers on that screen. I guess this is what the developers meant by Magic Stickers!.

You can also try this interaction with the random stickers that you have just created. With this app, nothing is impossible, and there really is no wrong way to play with the stickers.

I really like how the app teaches juniors about uncertainty and risks. The more I play with the app, the more I learn that I should just unlearn everything that I know, and try everything that I want to try. I don’t know how the stickers would interact, but taking such risk provides me with an inspiring and fun reward. After doing these multiple times, I’m sure you’d appreciate how such activity would foster creativity in young minds, encourage them to explore, and invent new things on their own.

Daily crafts ideas.You can also receive daily crafts ideas in the app


I think the developers have made the right decision by choosing the name Magic Stickers!. The app is not only magical in the way it animates all the stickers on screen, but also in the way it enriches our juniors’ imagination. The app has successfully helped me to unlearn and learn new things, and I’m sure it would help our juniors to see the world in an exciting and magical way.

Get Magic Stickers! on the App Store.

Thank you to the wonderful folks at Lazoo for sharing Magic Stickers! with us. My three-year-old Philip and I really enjoy playing it.