3 Fairytale Apps for Your Princess

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Is your little girl a fan of Disney Princesses like my 6-year-old niece Shilo? If she is, then this article might be interesting to you. In this post, I will share some of the best fairytale apps that I would recommend for your little girls’ iPad and tablet devices.

If you’re a subscriber to Geeks with Juniors, you probably have read Camila’s review of Disney Princess: Story Theater. Personally, I find the app to be a great tool to introduce storytelling as well as to enhance character recognition for kids. Hopefully, you will find that the following three apps hold a similar level of educational values.

Cinderella getting dolled up.Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book lets you dress up various Disney characters

Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book

If your little girl loves to play with stickers and paper dolls, then Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book would be an excellent choice for her. It is an interactive way to introduce fashion and creativity at her early age. With this app, she can dress up all the Disney characters in preparation for their big day.

She can choose from Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Tinker Belle, or Tiana. Each character has a background story that is presented using beautiful animations that would make it easier for your little girl to choose her favourite.

The app also has a feature that can make your girl believe that she’s a real princess. For example, immediately after launching the app for the first time, you will be asked to take a picture using the front camera or choose one from the gallery to replace the princess’ face.

After choosing a princess that you want to dress up, the app will take you to a dressing room. There is a full body mirror on the right side of the dressing room and a toolbar on the left side. The princess that you select will be depicted standing in the middle of the room. From the toolbar, you choose from different beautiful gowns, dresses, tiaras and accessories. Simply drag the gown and the accessories to dress the princess. Swiping the toolbar upwards will reveal more items.

I like that the app is easy to use and very responsive. It’s colorful and has plenty of accessories and outfits to choose from. You can also save the final dress-up as a photo in your Camera Roll.

Get Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book on the App Store.

Grimm’s Rapunzel - 3D Interactive Pop-Up BookGrimm’s Rapunzel - 3D Interactive Pop-Up Book follows the famous tale of the girl with really long hair.

Grimm’s Rapunzel – 3D Interactive Pop-up Book

The second storybook app on this list is an adaptation of the popular Rapunzel story, designed by developer StoryToys. With this 3D interactive pop-up book, your juniors will learn the story of a girl with long blond hair who is kept in a tower by an evil witch.

As with typical StoryToys 3D pop-up books, you can expect the storybook to include a set of unique activities designed to fit the context of the story. One activity I really like is when you are asked to help the handsome prince find Rapunzel’s tower by tapping into the musical notes while he is riding his horse.

I also like the quality of the narrator, the pop-up animations, and the word highlighting as you read through the words. The app also has a wonderful background music and great sound effects.

Get Grimm’s Rapunzel - 3D Interactive Pop-Up Book on the App Store.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy RescueTinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue follows Tink’s adventure with her fairy friends

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

The Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue is strictly a reading app when compared to Rapunzel - 3D Interactive Pop-up Book. But despite the lack of 3D effects and interactive mini games, this app still has beautiful illustrations and animations.

With this app, you can follow the story of Tinker Bell and friends who are busy bringing summer to the mainland. Their adventure begins the moment it started raining in their land. Apparently, fairies can’t fly if their wings are wet. Throughout the story, your juniors can learn the value of camaraderie and friendship because Tinker Bell and her friends stick to each other until the very end - even with all the challenges that they have to face.

One part that I believe many little princesses would be intrigued by is the activity where you can blow fairy dust away by blowing into the microphone on your iPad.

Get Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue on the App Store.


While this may not be an extensive list of all fairytale apps available on the App Store, the apps included here are certainly some of the best. I can personally testify this after spending many hours with my niece trying plenty of apps. If you want to be a fairy godmother to your little princess, you can turn the iPad into a great educational media platform by trying out these apps with your little princess.

Note: This has been a guest post by Reese Jones, a freelance writer based in London. She loves to try educational and gaming apps such that she can share and enjoy them with her many nephews and nieces. When not busy playing with the little ones, Reese can also be found writing about the latest gadgets and tech news. She also regularly contributes to TechieDoodlers. You can also follow her on Twitter.