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Last month I reviewed a great science app entitled Sid the Science Kid: Sid's Slide to the Side, which was created based on an episode on the popular PBS TV series. Today, I am reviewing a brand new app from the same developers.

Titled My Story World, the app is released as a free download with one free story, Little Red Riding Hood. The free story is meant to show you the features of the app, but the real gem is in the array of great stories you can unlock within the app.

Pick a collection.My Story World is a great collection of digital storybooks for kids

The Business Model and Collections of Stories

My Story World offers a paid subscription model where you can gain unlimited access to the stories for six months at a time. During this period, you can choose to download any story that you like to read from within the app. As of the time of this review, the developers already offer 20 stories, and they are planning to publish new ones regularly.

The app organizes the stories into several collections, which are displayed in a carousel view. You can view the stories in each collection by tapping on the collection’s cover image, and you can find out the author and illustrator information, a brief synopsis of the story, and the suggested age by tapping on a story’s cover image.

Currently, the app has six collections. The Little Red Riding Hood story is a part of the Fairy Tales collection. The other collections include Grimm Tales, Claire Freedman’s Aliens and Dinosaurs series, Valerie Thomas and Kathy Paul’s Winnie series, Pot-San’s Tabletop Tales, David McKee’s Elmer series, and Sid the Science Kid series. Having downloaded and read a few stories, I can testify that the stories are of high quality and worth collecting.

You can view the information for each story, including the author, illustrator, and recommended age.

The Reading Experience

Each story is divided into many chapters. You can either read through all the chapters or jump to any one of them using the chapter icon on the top right corner of the screen. The stories are well-narrated, and the dialogues are performed by professional voice actors.

As you read the stories, you will encounter interactive quiz sections that put your reading comprehension to the test. These quizzes are narrated questions with two or three graphical options to choose your answer from. I personally find these questions highly contextual to the stage the story is currently at.

For example, in Hansel and Gretel, as Gretel shoves The Old Witch into the oven, the app stops and asks you what Gretel should do once the witch is inside the oven. Obviously the correct answer is to bolt the oven door immediately, but seeing how your juniors might react and make their own decisions is priceless.

Once you have completed a story, the app will ask you whether you would like to play with the drawing and coloring task associated with the story. The app will show an illustrated background and sometimes even a character from the story.

Read classic and modern stories.Each story is beautifully illustrated and professionally narrated

Things I Like

The stories included here have excellent graphics and great voices from the narrator and the prominent actors. The in-story quizzes also help to keep you engaged throughout the story. And if you get stuck, the app will always show a subtle hint on where you can tap to continue the story.

The app also includes stickers as rewards for finishing a story or completing your drawing. I find that reading the same story for a second time could also yield you a new sticker. You can view all the stickers that you have collected in the in-app gallery. I personally think this reward mechanism fits the suggested age range for the readers.

UseAdditional activities are also available, like coloring and collecting stickers


My Story World is a wonderful collection of high-quality stories. Some of them are adaptations from famous tales, while others are original stories with great quality. The Read to Me features of the app makes juniors as young as three-year-olds can have an enjoyable reading experience on their own. I’d highly recommend this app for parents who are always on the lookout for great stories suitable for their juniors.

My Story World is available for iPad
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