Grandma’s Kitchen

Exactly seven months ago, Camila reviewed a fun activity app entitled Grandpa’s Workshop. It has a unique theme and mascot, and has become a mainstay in our iPads.

Today I will share about a brand new app from the same developer team, Grandma’s Kitchen, featuring a friendly grandma who loves to dance. You will play and learn in her kitchen as you help her bake a cake.

Grandma asks you to count how many candies are on the screen.Grandma’s Kitchen is a fun activity app built around the theme of helping out grandma in the kitchen

Grandma’s Kitchen

Grandma’s Kitchen is an activity app comprised of seven mini games built around the theme of helping out grandma in the kitchen. The app is designed for juniors ages four to seven. You can set up which mini games you want to activate based on your junior's skills and learning progress.

Some of the games are quite easy and appropriate for younger juniors, whereas others require a bit more knowledge and are more suitable for older juniors. For example, the games that are based on visual observations are a bit easier than the ones that require you to have basic knowledge and understanding of phonics, reading, and counting.

Two games that I’d recommend your juniors to play first are Fridge Fun and Utensil Patterns. In the Fridge Fun game, you play a whack-a-mole game where you try to tap as many healthy foods as possible within 20 seconds. While it may sound like an easy game to play, the challenge comes in the form of non-healthy foods that are mixed into the crowd, forcing you to distinguish the healthy ones from the non-healthy ones.

Your juniors can also learn how to recognize patterns and sequences in the Utensil Patterns game. Even though the game is quite simple, they can learn simple sequences such as ABABAB and ABCABC.

On the other hand, there are also games that are more suitable for older juniors, such as Food Math, First Letters, and Word Bake. In the Food Math game, your juniors will learn how to count objects from 11 up to 99, whereas in the First Letters game, they will learn how to identify consonant blends such as fl in the word flour, or sp in the word spatula. The game will display an image, such as broccoli, and the narrator will say the name of the object. You are to choose the correct two letters combination that starts the word; in the broccoli case it would be br.

If your juniors are able to read a few sight words, such as meat, ball, grape, fruit, water, or melon, they can have fun playing the Word Bake game. The game will display four words on the left hand side and four on the right. You need to drag one word from the left column and one from the right to combine it into a new word. For example: meat + ball = meatball, grape + fruit = grapefruit, water + melon = watermelon. It's quite an innovative gameplay.

A fridge showing various foods and vegetables.Fridge Fun, one of the mini games in the app, is a whack-a-mole style game that asks you to distinguish healthy foods from unhealthy ones

Parents Need to Know

As you would expect from an app designed for juniors, Grandma’s Kitchen also designed various types of rewards that you can get after playing one round of mini games. The rewards include giving grandma a kiss, watching her dance, helping her mix the ingredients for a cake, frost and decorate the cake, watching baking-related videos, and washing the dishes. I really like how the app turns washing the dishes from a chore into a reward.

Because the app allows you to select any combination of mini games to play at a single time, I’d suggest you try all of them first and observe which ones your juniors need more practice in. Then, you can focus on two or three games at a time to allow your juniors to improve their skills in those areas.

You can also use the app to introduce your juniors to the concept of healthy and non-healthy foods. In the fast-paced Fridge Fun game, your juniors will learn how to differentiate the healthy foods from the non-healthy ones. The game puts both food groups as a reference on the left side of the screen. You can use it to trigger a discussion on why peppers, mushrooms, and garlic are healthier than donuts, ice creams, and cakes.

You are asked to ddentify the first two letters in grape.In the First Letters game, juniors will learn how to identify consonant blends

Things I Like

The app really puts the kitchen theme to a good use. The games are uniquely designed to fit the theme. Juniors ages four to seven who are always hungry for new vocabularies can learn over 100 kitchen-related words, such as vanilla, spoon, glass, grapes, broccoli, steak, crackers, and pretzels.

I personally like the the Food Math and First Letters games. These games really help my three-year-old Philip’s current learning progress. By now, he can already count arbitrary number of objects up to 100 and perform basic addition, but he still needs a lot of practice in counting 10 objects at a time. That's where Food Math really shines. Using familiar objects such as candies and pickles, Philip can practice his counting skill while having fun at the same time.

Philip is also learning phonics and a few sight words at the moment. The First Letters game really helps him to recognize phonics by its pronunciation. As we play the game, I would repeat the pronunciation of a word several times to let him get the correct phonics sound and point to the correct consonant blends. I’m glad that the developers decided to design and include this game into the app. It’s one of those gems that you don’t know you'd need until you find it.

A screen showing a baking-related video.You can also watch baking-related videos with grandma


Grandma’s Kitchen is a great activity app where your juniors can learn about concepts such as healthy foods, patterns, sequences, counting by 10s, and phonics while having fun playing with grandma in her kitchen. They will also learn many new vocabularies, encounter new things, and practice many skills in an endless stream of games that you can personalize according to their learning levels. If you like it, make sure you check out Grandpa’s Workshop and Grandma’s Garden. Both are excellent apps from the same developer team.

Grandma’s Kitchen is available for iPhone/iPad
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