Toy Story: Story Theater

It’s a storytelling weekend here at Geeks with Juniors, with a back-to-back review of Story Theater apps. After Camila reviewed Disney Princess: Story Theater yesterday, today is my turn to review Toy Story: Story Theater.

Instead of rehashing many excellent points that Camila has highlighted, I want to point out three major reasons why you should consider getting Toy Story: Story Theater for your juniors.

Choose from various Toy Story characters to star in your movies.Toy Story: Story Theater allows you to create stories using characters from the Toy Story animated movies

Toy Story Characters

Toy Story is one of the biggest franchises in the past two decades. I'm sure many parents and juniors are big fans of the franchise, just as my sons and I are. And just like any other fans, of course we love to play and tell our own stories involving these characters. Even hearing that there’s a new Toy Story app would get us all excited.

In the Story Play mode, you can choose any one of the main human characters: Woody, Buzz, and Jessie. You can access more characters, including Rex and Bullseye, in the Free Play mode. I wish we could play with the complete crew, but I guess the options would make the theater be a bit crowded.

The Story Play mode is perfect for you to learn just how far you can bring your imagination to life. On the other hand, the Free Play mode is where the app really shines — who wouldn't want to create their own versions of Woody vs Buzz saga?

Compose your own action shots with Woody, Buzz, and more.You can move the characters around the screen and record your own dialog

Technically the Same, yet Entirely Different

If you have purchased the Disney Princess: Story Theater yesterday, you must be thinking that this is just another Story Theater app with a different theme. Well, technically you are correct because both apps have the same recording and playback features.

But, if you pay a careful attention to the screenshots that we took for both apps, you would immediately notice that these are two distinctly different apps. They may even appeal to different groups of juniors.

It not just the characters that are different — you can notice the differences in the background images, props, and supporting characters. The background music that are included in the apps are also different. I believe each Story Theater app will appeal to its own audience. If you have both boys and girls at home, there’s a big chance you would want them both.

Use various backdrops and props to complete your story.You can unlock multiple backdrops for your stories

All about Creativity and Having Fun

One thing that I can assure you, from one parent to another, is the amount of fun you’re going to have making up stories with this app. The app allows you to be creative and use as many characters as you like in a single story. For example, I created a story involving Rex, Bullseye, and the Crazy Critters to teach my juniors on how to avoid banana peels that someone might carelessly throw out on the street.

The app even asks you to create many Story Play stories in order to unlock new backgrounds. Just remember that you can move more than one character at the same time, because the app supports multi-touch gestures. You can also pinch to resize and rotate the characters and props to add emphasis to your storyline. Play around with the pitch of your voice, too.

Based on my experience with the app, you don’t need to worry about the size of the recording filling up your iPad. They seem to take up approximately 10 MB per minute recorded. That means you can probably record as many stories for as long as you’d like.

The recordings are fairly small in size, so you don't have to worry about space.You can save your stories and watch them later


Toy Story: Story Theater is a great app for parents to enjoy with their juniors as a family activity where everyone can unleash their creativity through storytelling. Juniors ages 3-4 can start to make up their own stories. And if you’re a big fan of the Toy Story franchise, this is a must-have for you.

Toy Story: Story Theater is available for iPhone/iPad
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