Cookie Next Door ~ Rainy 'Go Round

More than three months ago, I reviewed an innovative app entitled Cookie Next Door ~ Rainy Days. The app allows you to record your own voice and transform a set of comic illustrations into an animated performance. I really enjoyed playing with the app and trying out several adaptations of the stories.

Yet, the ending of the first episode really left me hanging. We saw that after sailing for three hours, the weather got rough and Cookie had to go through a bit of challenges - until he crashed on a mystery island. Thankfully in the second episode, Rainy 'Go Round, we finally learn what happens to Cookie afterwards.

A quick summary of what happened in Cookie Next Door ~ Rainy Days.Rainy 'Go Round is the next installment in the Cookie Next Door record-your-own-adventure series

Episode 2: Rainy 'Go Round

The second episode starts by showing what happens to Cookie after he wakes up from the crash landing. Just when he tries to figure out what happened, it starts raining really hard. Cookie runs for cover under a nearby tree. Then, he hears an interesting sound coming from a nearby place.

The sound comes from a group of ponies that are playing nearby. Feeling excited, Cookie immediately jumps to ride on one of them. Just when he tries to take Pony for a ride, there comes a girl and her unicorn.

Rainy, the girl, challenges him to a pony race. Off they go with Unicorn leading the race. All of a sudden, a dragon appears on their backs, breathing fire from its mouth. Fortunately, Unicorn finds a way to save them from the Dragon.

Unicorn sets up a rainbow carpet with her horn, enough to hold Cookie, Pony, Rainy, and herself. The rainbow flies so high that the Dragon is surprised and hits a huge tree.

But, another challenge comes their way in the form of a huge Dark Cloud. The Dark Cloud blows the wind so hard that Cookie falls off Pony’s back and straight into the mouth of the Dragon.

What’s going to happen to Cookie as he has to face the Dragon again? And, what’s going to happen to Rainy as she has to face the strong winds of the Dark Cloud? I’m not going to spoil it, but I love the ending.

The Dragon appears behind Cookie and Rainy.Rainy 'Go Round has a similar set of features to Rainy Days - you can record your voice and listen to previous recordings

Parents Need to Know

This second episode of Cookie’s adventure has a similar set of features to what you can find in the first episode. For example, you tap the star to record your voice and tap the blue Cookie stamp to hear the recording. The same thing applies when you want to delete the recording: tap and hold the blue Cookie stamp.

Each time you finish a set of pages, more pages will be unlocked for you. You won’t be seeing the old characters, such as Big Wave, Whale and Mysterious, but you will be seeing plenty of new characters. You can also set the voice pitch for each of these characters as you see fit.

Once you have completed all 24 pages of the story, you can watch the animated movie on the in-app theater. And if you watch the movie through the end, you will unlock two more notebooks. Each notebook represent one version of the story. Having multiple notebooks at the same time allows you to record several adaptations for the episode.

The theater showing the Dragon chasing Cookie and Rainy.Watch your story come to live in the theater

Things I Like

I know I have said this previously, but let me say it one more time. I really love the ending of the second episode. I don’t know whether the developers are planning to develop a third episode or not, but I would still be happy if this is the final episode of this adventure. Maybe Cookie would go on a completely new adventure. I really love both Cookie Next Door apps, and am looking forward to what the next story holds.

The app is not just a series of illustrations that you can record your voice into. It has a set of great characters, a unique theme, and an excellent animation throughout the app. I really love the pace of the story, the major turning points in the story, and the ability to bring any of our imaginations to live very easily.

Cookie falls straight into the Dragon’s mouth.What’s going to happen to Cookie next?


Cookie Next Door ~ Rainy 'Go Round is a great second episode that really lives up to the quality of the first episode. Even when you have played the first episode and have recorded your adaptation of the story, I’d suggest you to replay it once more before playing with the second episode. It helps to remind you of what happened to Cookie previously, and it’s just twice more fun that way.

If you want your juniors to practice storytelling, create a beautiful animated movie easily, and continually improve parts of their story based on the feedback that they receive, Cookie Next Door apps are ones of the best apps in the App Store.

Get Cookie Next Door ~ Rainy 'Go Round on the App Store.

Thank you to the great developers at Cookie Next Door for involving me as one of the beta testers. It allowed me to have enough time to play with the app.