Abricot Games - Hide and Seek

Even though I’m not a big fan of hidden object games, I would play it every once in a while as a way to relax. That said, I’ve never had any favorite titles. On the contrary, I tend to dismiss new games in this category because I always assumed that there’s never really an innovation in the genre.

When the developers at Chocolapps contacted me about their new app entitled Abricot Games - Hide and Seek, frankly I was not that interested. But to my surprise, the app is pretty good. In fact, it has become my favorite hidden object game, and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Hundreds of tiny chefs and cooks are working in the ogre kitchen.Abricot Hide and Seek is a lovely and refreshing hidden object game for juniors

Enter the Mythical Lands

When you start the game, you will find a menu asking you to choose from six mythical lands to visit. These mythical lands include the land of the ogres, dragons, giants, goblins, fairies, and wizards. Once you select a land to play, you will be redirected to a large hand-drawn illustration zoomed out to fit the screen of your iPad.

In each land, you will be asked to find 15 characters. The game will show the four characters first, then five, and finally six characters in the third phase. This makes it easier for you to focus on finding the objects without feeling overwhelmed.

The special thing about this game is that there are hundreds of characters for you to find. These characters look slightly different from one another, which makes the game fresh and challenging every time. When you move from one land to the next, you would also find a hugely different set of characters to play with.

For example, in the land of the ogres, there are hundreds of chefs and cooks staged in an ogre’s kitchen. Some of them are washing the dishes, some are cooking, while others are decorating a cake. Meanwhile, in the land of dragons, you will find hundreds of soldier fighting a fire-breathing dragon.

As you would expect from a hidden object game for the iPad, you can use gestures to help you with your task. You can pinch to zoom in, and swipe to slide left or right to search for the characters.

The Giant is captured by the tiny island inhabitants.The app features hundreds of tiny characters to find in each illustration

Parents Need to Know

When you replay a land, you would see the same exact picture, but the characters that you need to find may change a bit, both in types and order. This keeps the game challenging enough even if you replay the same land over and over again. It is especially true for juniors, who are the game’s target audience.

If you are accompanying your juniors to play the game for the first time, I would suggest start with the land of giants or ogres first, because they are the easiest. For a frame of reference, the most difficult one for me is the land of the wizards. The mix of blue, purple, and other dark colors in the illustrations makes it difficult to find the characters.

The Land of Wizards have hundreds of like-colored wizards.You have to find new characters every time you play, which makes the game challenging

Things I Like

I like how the game feels more like a video stream instead of a static page. The subtle animations for some of the characters in each of the land really work to make a better playing experience.

I also like the illustrations that are included in this game. Both the backgrounds and the hundreds of tiny characters are beautifully hand-drawn. I don’t know how the artist could possibly draw hundreds of characters that differ slightly but still look distinctive.

The illustrations also tell a story that fits nicely with the theme of that land. For example, in the land of the giants, you will see a lot of people trying to tangle a huge giant on the beach. If you observe the illustration, you can find a group of scientists trying to take measurements of the giant, and a group of little girls braiding the giant’s hair. I find that both the land of the giants and the land of the dragons are filled with plenty of good humor.

Choose from six available scenes.The app offers six unique scenes to play with


Abricot Games - Hide & Seek is a special hidden object game. Unlike most games of this genre, the app offers beautiful hand-drawn illustrations featuring hundreds of characters that fit the theme of each mythical lands. It also has a good replay value and a great sense of humor, that I believe even adults would enjoy playing this game. But, if you want to stay true to the design intent of this game, you might want to ask your juniors ages 4+ to play together.

Get Abricot Games - Hide & Seek on the App Store.

Thank you to the wonderful people at Chocolapps for sharing this game with us. I had a lot of fun playing it, and would gladly recommend it to fans of hidden object games.