Best New Apps for Kids - April 2013

Starting this month, we’re going to do something new at Geeks with Juniors. We will dedicate a post at the start of each month to highlight several outstanding new apps for kids that we reviewed during the past month. Even though we may not have tried all the apps that were released in a single month, we have tried a majority of the ones we were interested in.

Hence, take this shortlist with a grain of salt. The list may be slightly opinionated, but we believe many would agree that these apps have exceptional quality. We also hope that this list can help set a new standard of quality for developers when they design new apps.

Practice math with this fun app from Spinlight Studio.YodelOh Math Mountain is a fun, arcade-style app to practice math skills

YodelOh Math Mountain

This is one of the most addictive math games I have ever played on the iPad. It is so good that I believe even adults would enjoy playing it. There are at least three things that other developers can take from YodelOh Math Mountain.

First, the game has a simple premise but a fun gameplay — a key characteristic of a great game. The goal is simple: keep the main character from falling off the cliff for as long as you can. However, the way the game introduces many obstacles and distractions keeps players on their toes.

Second of all, the app keeps you addicted with its fast-paced game. While playing YodelOh Math Mountain, your juniors would not feel the pressure of working on a typical math drill. Instead, they would voluntarily replay the game multiple times in an attempt to beat the current high score. This makes the app perfect for any multiplayer settings, including the classroom.

The third reason why YodelOh Math Mountain is appealing for a wide array of audience is its ability to choose from several game modes. This allows you to personalize your practice sessions, and focus on the areas that you struggle with. The fact that the difficulty level increases as you progress also makes the game appealing for older juniors and adults.

Explore a mysterious town and practice your math skills at the same time.Save the fireflies by solving math problems in Mystery Math Town.

Mystery Math Town

The second app on our list is also an awesome and addictive math game: Mystery Math Town by ArtGig Apps.

A beautiful app with an intriguing storyline, it stands out because the developers took the time to think about what the world should look like. They also designed every house — along with their interior — to support the gameplay. Everything in the app feels very cohesive and immersive.

Another thing that amazes me is the extended gameplay that you can play after completing all the challenges in the game. This adds hours of gameplay to an already awesome game.

The third reason for Mystery Math Town’s success is its support for multiple user profiles and personalization. I am sure parents love apps that can be played properly by everyone in the house, and still be relevant months or years after the purchase.

Learn to love your You-Thing.Wee You-Things encourage juniors to appreciate their uniqueness

Wee You-Things

The final app in our list this month is a Wee You-Things from Wee Society. A unique app, it highlights that many juniors and even adults face self-esteem problems in their daily lives. I know it is not easy to talk about this kind of problem, even from one adult to another.

This is when an app like Wee You-Things really shines. By labelling a person’s uniqueness as "You-Things", this app helps juniors overcome the negative feelings that may arise for being different. It is rare to find an app that ventures into this uncharted territory, so I really appreciate the developers’ efforts.

To accompany their new, unique term, the app also introduces a plethora of examples. I’m sure you and your juniors can find a couple of examples that you can relate with. You can also create as many profiles as you like to make the term more personal and relatable.


This is my first attempt of highlighting the best apps that we have reviewed over the past 30 days. I am glad that more developers have started to fill in the gaps in apps for juniors ages four and up with high quality creations — it’s a win for parents and juniors everywhere. I hope this post can be useful for other developers who are designing their next apps, and for parents who are looking for the latest gold standard in educational apps.