Kids Sounds

The world is full of sounds. Some of us only hear noise, but creative folks may discover that you can make music out of these sounds. Our app pick for today, Kids Sounds, invites kids to explore this possibility.

A room full of magical sounds.In Kids Sounds, discover a world full of sounds

A Musical World

Developed by Pyjamas Apps, Kids Sounds is a musical app which introduces kids to a world of sounds. It offers six lively scenes: a nightly forest, the bottom of the sea, a tiny city, a dusty old attic, a colorful farm, and a magical desert. Each scene is packed with items that you can tap to conjure sounds and tunes.

It is interesting to know that each scene features different sounds. Some items provide continuous rhythm once you tap it, while others only sound for a few seconds after tapped. This allows you to experiment with different rhythms and sounds to create different tunes.

In addition to sounds, kids can also enjoy watching the objects that they tap animate happily. The app also features at least one animal in each scene, so parents can use the app to teach juniors about the sounds that animals make.

Parents Need to Know

Overall, Kids Sounds is a simple app for young juniors ages two to four. The game focuses on creative gameplay by letting kids explore colorful, sound-filled scenes to create unique tunes.

I would say that the app is best played together with the parent, so that they can show the kids the app's creative possibility. However, kids will likely pick up the app just fine, and it would make a great distraction tool when the parents need to run a quick errand.

Designed as a toy, the has no rules and no timer. The app also has no ads and no violence, which makes it appropriate for its targeted age range.

One thing that parents need to know is that the app is free to download. Two scenes — nightly forest and bottom of the sea — are included initially. The other four are bundled together and can be unlocked via one time in-app purchase for $0.99.

I have to say that while I prefer not to have in-app purchase in kid’s apps, I think Kids Sounds implements a nice security system to prevent tiny hands from accidentally triggering the IAP. To initiate purchase, you need to press and hold the purchase button for a good few seconds. This may sound crazy simple, but based on my observation it is actually quite effective; it turns out that most kids do not understand the concept.

Tap on the things in the city scene to compose interesting tunes.Each scene in Kids Sounds is packed with interactive objects that make sounds and rhythms

Things I Like

Despite its simplicity, Kids Sounds is a nice and entertaining app for juniors. I like that the scenes offered are bursting with things that make sounds — the app listing says there are a whopping 121 interactive objects in there — so kids will not have problems finding things to play with.

In terms of presentation, the app looks lovely with colorful graphics and animations. The scenes each has a distinct look, and I like that they feature locations that kids are likely familiar with.

Another thing that I notice is that most of the time the tunes I make with the app seem to come out harmoniously. I am not sure if this is the developer’s intention or just a coincidence, but I do like it. I also like that there is plenty of room for customizing the tunes. For example, you can tap on an object quickly to create an upbeat rhythm.

Explore the farm and make your own music.Simple and entertaining, the app makes a great toy for young kids


Kids Sounds is a simple, lovely app appropriate for young juniors. The app encourages musical exploration and creativity through engaging interactive scenes. If you are looking for a musical app for toddlers, this will make a nice addition to your collection.

Note: Thank you to Pyjamas Apps for suggesting Kids Sounds to us. It’s a lovely app and we really enjoyed it!