Wee You-Things

When your juniors reach a certain age, they become aware of the similarities and differences between them and their siblings or friends. My three-year-old Philip has recently realized how the people around him are physically different after going to preschool and meeting new friends.

I aim to continue teaching him how everyone is unique, and I have a brand new app from Wee Society to help me with that. Called Wee You-Things, it showcases 20 colorful characters who each has its own uniqueness (or “You-Things”, as the app calls it).

Pierre's You-Thing is running with his hands in the air.Wee You-Things lets you discover the things that make you unique

What‘s Your Special “You-Things”?

In Wee You-Things, some characters have “You-Things” in the form of distinguishable physical attributes, such as “Lamar has a crooked scar” or “Thatch wears a patch”. Others have habitual attributes that need to be observed over a period of time, such as “Kaisar is an early riser” or “Pierre runs with his arms in the air”.

There is a big chance that some of the “You-Things” you find are relatable in real life. Even so, the app also lets you add your own characters. You can dress them up, add pictures, and write captions to explain their “You-Things”.

The app lets you add as many characters as you like. Each custom character also shows up at the end of the story, so you can come visit them whenever you like.

A neat feature of the app is a parade where you can see all the characters, including the ones that you create, line up. Swipe left/right or tilt your iPad to navigate through the parade. You can also interact with the characters just like in their respective pages.

All the characters stand in line.The Parade lets you see all the characters in line

Parents Need to Know

Wee You-Things is designed to help juniors ages three to seven appreciate how everyone is unique and understand that being different is okay. The app is quite imaginative, so some “You-Things” may seem outrageous. Some creative examples are “Kai has an extra eye”, “Ruth has a purple tooth”, and “Grace comes from outer space”.

Some other examples may not be as imaginary, but may still require a bit of explanation from you. For example: “Little Dot gets scared a lot”, “Brad's got two dads”, and “Niels has orange wheels”. I personally find the app helpful in pointing out areas that parents may overlook.

If you want to recreate a realistic experience for your juniors, you can create characters using photos of their friends and let them define the captions. This would allow you to have meaningful discussions with your juniors on how they should embrace the “You-Things” that their friends have.

Potter's You-Thing is living underwaterEach character has distinct animations and interactivity

Things I Like

As what we previously saw in their other app Wee Alphas, the developers really have a great taste in design. I like how each character has uniquely designed interactive animations and sound effects. Some are really playful, like in “Matt wears a big green hat” or “Bea wears glasses to see”, where you can tap to change the hats and glasses.

My favourite interactions are “Potter lives in the water” and “Sue is bright blue”. In Potter's page, you can tilt your iPad to watch Potter dive in the water and his surrounding environment moves along. In Sue's page, you can tap any area of Sue's body to paint her body color to a solid blue.

I also enjoy the background music by the indie rock band Rabbit, who are also responsible for the narration. Speaking of Rabbit, it is unfortunate that they do not publish their works as often nowadays. (I am a big fan of their YouTube music video, Pea)

One final thing that I appreciate the most is how the developers propose a new term in an effort to explain a topic that juniors may not easily understand. I wish more developers would take on the big challenges of tackling terms that are too difficult for juniors to understand without a relatable and comprehensive set of examples.

Use your own photos for custom characters.You can also create custom characters to add to the app


Wee You-Things is an awesome app that all juniors should have. It allows them to embrace the uniqueness that their friends, siblings, and even themselves may have. Through a wide array of examples and customizable characters, the app has successfully explained a topic that would otherwise be too difficult to explain. The “You-Things” term is easy to understand, to use in daily conversation, and fun to explore with your juniors.

Wee You-Things is available for iPhone/iPad
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