Announcing our new Guide: Best Apps for Two-Year-Olds

After spending many tens of hours, I finally managed to finish the next guide that we have been planning for months now. Built on top of our previous guide, the new guide focuses on the best 20 apps that I would personally recommend for your two-year-olds. You can access it through our sidebar, or through this link.

The list is made based on my personal experience with the apps, and by observing how both my sons, Philip (3.5 years old) and Noah (18 months old), are interacting with these apps. The apps have been very influential for my sons, and I hope that by sharing this list, it will help other parents to provide their juniors with the best and most suitable apps for their age.

I'm looking forward to know what you think about the guide. I'd love to know some of your favorite apps that have not made the list. Let us know on our new Facebook page.

And if you feel that the guide helps you in any way, please kindly share it with friends and family. After all, that's the main reason why I created the list in the first place.