Updating Our App Guide for One-Year-Olds

One of our goals and commitments in creating this site is to help parents find the best educational media for their juniors. I created the list of 20 recommended apps for one-year-olds last August, primarily as a birthday present for my second son, Noah. I created the list based on my observation of his older brother, Philip, as he interacted with the apps on his iPad.

Last November, I updated the list for the first time to include new apps that were released after August. And tonight, I updated the list once again to include four new apps that I believe should be included in the list. By keeping the number of apps at 20, I'm sure that the quality of this list will increase over time.

These are the new apps that I have included in the list:

If you're not familiar with this list, I suggest you visit it and view my recommendations for the best apps for one-year-olds. Don't forget to let us know what you think about the list over on our Facebook page.