Zoe's Green Planet

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we live in a world with one color too short, or a world with only a single color? We're sure some of our juniors have had that thought running across their young and creative minds.

Today, I would like to share about a storybook about a planet that only has a single color, entitled Zoe's Green Planet.

Meet Zoe, a girl who lives on a planet where everything is green.Zoe's Green Planet is an imaginative and colorful tale of a girl on a green planet.

The Planet is Greener on the Other Side

Zoe lives on a planet where everything is green, including the people living on that planet. Zoe, her family, her neighbors, and even her cat are all green.

One day, a strange red spaceship lands at the airport. The passengers are the Takino family, who just moved in from a red planet. Maho, their young daughter, goes to the same school as Zoe, and the two hit it off right away. Zoe loves the bright red color that Maho brings to her world, and Maho loves everything that is green on Zoe's planet.

But just as they start becoming best friends, Maho tells Zoe that she is leaving — her parents are homesick. Although everyone on Zoe's green planet is nice, the Takino family can't really get used to all the green that they see everyday.

Zoe is very sad to see Maho leave the green planet. The only thing that keeps her company now is the little red doll that Maho leaves behind for her. She takes the doll everywhere, even when she is sleeping. She always dreams of the day when she finally leaves in her own green spaceship to find Maho on her red planet.

Takino family's red rocket arrives on the green planet.In the app, everything is optional, including the text and narration.

Parents Need to Know

In Zoe's Greet Planet, everything is optional: the narration, the ambient sounds, and even the text. I personally prefer to turn off the text while I read the story with my sons, as it allows us to see all the pretty illustrations.

Zoe's Green Planet is the first volume in a series of four called “A Colorful World”. The next story, “Blue Bernard”, will be coming this Spring, and the developers hinted that you can find Zoe again in it.

If you want to learn more about the app and its excellent dual-language narration, you should take a look at the following video:

Things I Like

Zoe's Green Planet is a unique app. It's not everyday that you find a story about a green world, but I have to admit it is pretty interesting to read!

Visually, the app is fantastic. I love Matt Roussel's unique paper mache illustrations; they really emphasize the 3D look and feel of the app.

Another thing that I like is the inclusion of several fun mini games in the app. I enjoy discovering these games through the subtle hints in the story, but I appreciate the fact that they are also accessible from the Games menu on the home screen.

A favorite game of mine is the one where you catch paper airplanes by tapping them so they end up in a trash bin. It is a great game for little ones as they practice their hand-eye coordination skills.

Another great one is where you make a red spaceship take off by reproducing a sequence of musical notes using the colorful buttons on the pilot's dashboard. After completing three challenges, you can play with the buttons like a xylophone.

You can play different mini games in the app.Mini games are scattered throughout the app.


Zoe's Green Planet is an imaginative storybook that makes a great read for juniors ages two to six. The illustrations are lovely, and the app's ability to turn off both the narration and the text display further add to its charm. I would recommend it.

Zoe’s Green Planet is available for iPhone/iPad
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