All About Poop

Potty training has always been one of the big challenges in parenting. This is especially evident in firstborns, where the parents are still getting the hang of things.

Based on my personal experience, one obstacle in potty training is the lack of communication between the parents and their juniors. We need to introduce the topic as early as possible and frequently, using a number of ways. It is a matter of making the subject of potty training an interesting one for juniors to learn and do.

Discover how food is processed through our digestive system.All About Poop is a lighthearted book that teaches kids all there is to know about poop.

The Journey: From Food to Sewage Plant

All About Poop is an app based on a book with the same name, which attempts to explain everything there is to know about poop, potty training, and other related subjects in a junior-friendly way. The author believes that juniors would be more willing to engage in potty training if we introduce the topic through a fun story.

The book follows a young boy who is about to have his meal. But before he starts eating, he decides to explain where poop comes from.

He then shows a diagram of how food travels from our mouth to our intestines. He also explains how passing gas is one indicator of potty time.

As you would expect from a potty training app, All About Poop features many scenes of the young boy sitting on the toilet to do his business. The app also teaches your juniors to flush and to wash their hands afterwards.

One thing that this app does differently is it goes on to tell how toilet waste would travel through the pipes until it reaches the septic tank, or is taken to a sewage plant for further processing.

The app teaches kids to wash their hands after doing their business.The app also teaches proper bathroom etiquette and hygiene.

Parents Need to Know

In addition to a story, All About Poop also features several activities. One of which is a silly game where you tap on a dog, a girl, and other objects to trigger fart sounds.

Some pages also present interactive elements, such as an analog clock that ticks as it moves and a painting depicting running chickens. The app has a lot of surprises, so I suggest tapping on the objects on screen to catch them.

Depending on how you feel about poop-related talks, the app can be considered quite vulgar. Many pages in the book depict poop in places where you would expect them, and in various shapes and sizes.

I personally find the illustrations and interactions are presented matter-of-factly. The app does not exaggerate — it is just being truthful while also trying to have fun with the subject.

In one page, you can tap on the characters to make them fart.You can also find silly activities, like tapping on various characters to trigger fart sounds.

Things I Like

I think that most households have replacement words for poop. The author understands this, and even dedicates a page where you can find several common alternative names for poop. I am really amazed at how creative we are in inventing terms for it, and I believe that this would help your juniors communicate their potty needs.

Staying true to its title, the app also includes various fun poop-related facts. As very few people would want to research this subject on their own, these facts are quite amusing to know.

For example, I never knew that herrings use farts to communicate with each other. And did you know that an African elephant can produce up to 300 pounds of poop on a daily basis? Neither did I.

Another helpful feature that the app has is the tips poster. This poster contains five simple steps for juniors to do their potty training.

The tips poster reminds juniors about proper bathroom etiquette.The app includes helpful tips for potty training.


All About Poop is an excellent app to help juniors learn everything there is to know about poop, potty training, and other related subjects. I find that the app successfully achieves its design goals through its excellent storyline, fun activities, and helpful tips. If you can tolerate poop illustrations and potty sounds, I believe this is an essential app to have if your juniors are still struggling with their potty training.