Tizzy Driving Adventure

We believe that role playing is important in a child's education. Through role playing, children can explore their imaginations and learn essential skills from adults around them.

We already reviewed a handful of great role playing apps on our site, but we are always happy to expand our list. Today, we have Tizzy Driving Adventure, a simple driving simulator from Tizzy Labs.

Get behind the wheel and drive on the road.Tizzy Driving Adventure is a simple driving simulator for toddlers and preschoolers.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engine

As suggested by the app's title, Tizzy Driving Adventure lets your child take the wheel of a virtual car and drive around a map. You get a 3D view of the car interior and the road ahead, just as you would when you are in the driver's seat.

After choosing a girl or a boy player, you will see a map marked with the route that you will take. Along the route are eight waypoints, which indicate a range of simple tasks that you must complete in sequence, including picking strawberries, connecting dots on the map, washing the car, helping a family of ducks cross the street, etc.

As this is a driving adventure, naturally you have to drive to get to each waypoint. You start the car by turning the ignition key, and steer by tilting the device left or right.

It is worth noting that as this is an app for young children, you will not find any form of obstacles on the road. Instead, there are stars that you can collect by driving into them.

The car also has no brake or gas pedals, but it does include other controls to interact with: turn signals, emergency blinkers, windshield wiper, and the horn. You can also change the radio station to listen to different driving tunes.

You can help pick strawberries by dragging the red ones into the basket.Throughout the app, you can participate in simple activities to practice a wide range of skills.

Parents Need to Know

Tizzy Driving Adventure is a simple app appropriate for juniors ages two to four. It is very tolerant of mistakes; for example, the car will not drive off the road no matter how you steer. The app also does not punish you for not getting any stars or for making mistakes in the activities.

In terms of educational value, the app introduces several activities to practice a wide range of skills, including motor skills, spatial reasoning, color recognition, and problem solving.

Following is a list of activities that you can find in the app:

  • Picking strawberries. Pick only the red strawberries and then drag them into the basket.
  • Watching birds. Drag a spotlight around the dark screen to find colorful birds perching on the trees.
  • Connecting dots. A simple connect the dots puzzle where you tap on a bunch of markers on the map to form a picture.
  • Sorting food. This activity takes place in the trailer that you tow along during your journey. Here, you sort several food items by their height and place them in the kitchen cupboard.
  • Washing the car. Bring the shine back in your car and trailer by scrubbing them with soap and water.
  • Crossing ducks. Help a family of ducks cross the street by tapping in sequence.
  • Feeding fish. Tap on the surface of a beautiful pond to pour food for the fish.
  • Jigsaw puzzle. Choose from three six-piece jigsaw puzzles to complete.

Like other Tizzy Labs apps, the app is bright and colorful. It is also language-neutral, and relies only on visual cues for hints. This is not a problem though – again, the app is fairly simple and there is very little room for mistakes.

Complete the six-piece jigsaw puzzle.Designed for kids, the app is simple and fault-tolerant.

Things I Like

Tizzy Driving Adventure is a great role playing app that made quite an impression on me. Both the idea and the implementation are fresh; I personally haven't seen another driving simulator app for kids done like this.

I like the touch of realism in the app's design, such as the fully functional controls on the car dashboard, but I also appreciate that the gameplay is simple enough to fit the targeted age range.

There are also the small details that make me enjoy the app a little more, such as how a boy player gets a blue car while a girl gets a purple car. I also like that the app shows the player's chosen character tuck in for the night every two activities before continuing with the drive.

A nice feature of the app is that the order of activities are always randomized every time you come back. A degree of variation is also found in some of the activities, so you can, for example, find new shapes in connect the dots.

One thing that I do wish to see is the same randomness implemented in all the activities instead of only a select few to keep the players more challenged. I also would suggest some diversity in the sceneries while driving, such as the mountains or the beach, to further reinforce the road trip theme.

Connect the markers on the map to make out various shapes.Some variation exists in the activities, such as the different shapes in connect the dots.


All in all, Tizzy Driving Adventure is a simple and nice app that I thoroughly enjoyed. The app's relaxed pace and mistake-free gameplay make it appropriate for young juniors. If you are looking to give your preschoolers their first driving simulator, this app is a good choice.

Note: Thank you to Tizzy Labs for providing us with a promo code for Tizzy Driving Adventure. We had fun exploring the app!