Announcing New and Noteworthy Apps

We are very excited to announce that we have added a new section in our sidebar, entitled New and Noteworthy. This section will highlight five relatively new apps that we have handpicked for you and your juniors. We realize that although we always try to keep up with new apps, sometimes there are just too many of them to review at one time. We hope that this section could help you filter through a sea of new apps on the App Store.

We will feature brand new apps (not updates) that have been featured in the US Store within the past few weeks. Even though we may not have published reviews of these apps, we are personally interested in buying and giving them a try.

The list will be updated every Thursday or whenever Apple updates the App Store. While it is possible for us to update the list each time a new app enters the App Store, we believe that it would be better to have a regular and reliable schedule, especially one that is aligned with Apple's.

We hope you like the new section as much as we do. It takes us hours to scour and shortlist them. Enjoy the current list of apps that we have handpicked for you based on last Thursday's update, and expect a new update by tomorrow.