Noah's Ark Interactive Storybook

Even though there are more than 54,000 storybook apps on the App Store, there is only a handful of biblical storybooks. You can imagine how harder it is to find the good ones. Today, I will be reviewing a biblical storybook app that I think is one of the best. Entitled Noah's Ark Interactive Storybook, it follows the story of yes, Noah's Ark.

A biblical tale.Noah's Ark Interactive Storybook is a beautiful rendition of the famous biblical tale.

What Makes It Unique

Noah's Ark Interactive Storybook presents the story of Noah and the big flood in a junior-friendly way. In addition to using a third-person narrative, the app also includes subtle dialogs among the characters in the book. This helps provide some context to younger readers to understand people's mindset in Noah's period of time.

The app features a semi-3D look where you can tilt your iPad in all the pages to see the illustrations in a slightly different angle. It also has many fun mini games that are contextual to the storyline.

Finally, even though the storyline is based on the Christian's Bible, you won't find any direct references to the Bible verses. With their absence, the story becomes much smoother and readers can focus more on the plot rather than on the Bible references.

To get an idea of how the app is like, here is a short teaser video that the developers made:

Parents Need to Know

Aimed at juniors ages three and up, Noah's Ark Interactive Storybook includes plenty of mini games to keep the reader engaged. For example, you can help draw the blueprint of the Ark, put windows and doors on the Ark design, and saw lumbers to build the hull. Before entering the Ark, you can also aid to gather colorful foods and pair the animals.

The app also puts emphasis on a few areas that other storytellers may choose to exclude or ignore, such as various preparation activities prior to entering the Ark, activities inside the Ark, and the rainbow at the end of the flood.

Interactive.The app has fun, contextual mini games scattered throughout the story.

Things I Like

I personally find the app perfectly caters the targeted age range. I like the colorful illustrations, interactivity, and mini games scattered throughout the story. The app really resembles a storytelling session in Sunday School.

I also like how the developers simplified the story and added dialogs among the main characters in the storyline. The dialogs have been designed so that younger readers, who have a tendency to ask questions all the time, can easily understand the story. Here is an example of the dialog between Noah and his best friend Dove, after Noah receives the message to build an Ark:

"God told me there's going to be a great big flood."

"Really? Are we going to be safe?"
"Oh yes. But we have to build an Ark to live in!"

"What's an Ark, Noah?"
"It's a great big wooden boat! The biggest in the world. God told me just how to build it."

"Why do we need such a big boat?"
"Because we'll need to have plenty of room for my family and all the animals God told me to bring along."

"Won't that take a long time to build?"
"We'll see. I'm just following God's plans."

If you pay attention to Dove, you would notice that the questions he asks were designed to reflect the questions that juniors may ask when they hear the story for the first time. Dialogs like these make the story relatable, and distinguish Noah's Ark Interactive Storybook from similar storybook apps.

Engaging.The app lets you interact with the characters and play games.


Noah's Ark Interactive Storybook by is the best biblical storybook app that I have ever come across. The app tells the story of Noah's Ark in a style that fits younger readers nice. There is also a plethora of mini games to invite juniors to read the story multiple times. I would highly recommend this app for parents looking to introduce the story of Noah to their juniors.