Faces iMake - ABC

Remember Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity? A few months ago, I raved about this creation-based app that lets you make faces out of food items. Well, the developer has now released a new app called Faces iMake - ABC. Created in collaboration with mixed media artist Hanoch Piven, the app focuses on getting juniors to learn and remember the alphabet through creative puzzle solving.

Build and learn.Faces iMake - ABC allows juniors to learn the alphabet while making silly collages.

My Head is a Button!

Like most alphabet apps, Faces iMake - ABC pairs each letter with a word and an illustration. But instead of static images, you get silly collages made out of household objects like buttons, bananas, plates, etc. These collages fall apart every time you play, and must be put back together by dragging and dropping the pieces into their rightful spots.

It is worth noting that the collages/puzzles are composed of an average of 10 pieces each. Some are more complex than others, requiring you to overlay objects on top of others to create facial expressions or body parts. The app provides you with a guideline to let you know which items goes where, but there are no other hints.

All the while you're assembling your collage, the app accompanies you with silly sound effects supplied by Hanoch Piven himself. He also acts as the narrator who reads out the name of the letter and its associated word.

Upon successful completion of a collage, the app congratulates you and encourages you to choose a new letter using the scroller interface at the bottom. You can go the traditional route and go from A to Z, or jump to any letter that you like.

Get creative.Crafted by mixed media artist Hanoch Piven, the collages are imaginative and of high quality.

Parents Need to Know

Faces iMake - ABC is part-alphabet, part-puzzle app that fits juniors as young as three years old. The idea of the app is to introduce learning by doing, in which juniors try to remember the letters by solving puzzles. The app also hones spatial skills and helps practice hand-eye coordination.

In addition to the letters of the alphabet, the app introduces simple everyday vocabulary that spans from vehicles to animals. Some example words that you can find in the app are airplane, girl, kid, monkey, and—kids will love this—underpants. You can see the complete list of letter/word pairs on the developer's blog.

A wide range.The words and objects introduced in the app span a wide range of topics, including animals, vehicles, and clothing articles.

Things I Like

Faces iMake - ABC is a delightful app that allows children to learn their ABCs while solving problems and creating things. Like other apps in the Faces iMake series, I like how the app tries to spark creativity and imagination by showing that ordinary household objects can be used to create beautiful things. It is even more of a bonus that the app uses this method to teach the alphabet.

In addition to the colorful collages, I like the silly sound effects and encouraging narration that accompany you as you play. I had a grin plastered on my face the whole time I played. Honestly, the app will not be the same without the sounds! I also like the use of ABC song (or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, if that is how you hear it) in the background.

I do have to nitpick on the fact that as of the current version (1.01), bigger objects can sometimes obstruct shapes where smaller objects are supposed to go. I realize that this was the developer’s intention to hone the learner's problem solving skills, but I would prefer to have a hint system to help you when you are stuck.


Faces iMake - ABC provides a creative and entertaining way to remember the alphabet, learn new words, and practice their spatial skills. The app’s imaginative collages and charming soundtracks will amuse both juniors and parents. It is a unique app, and I would recommend adding it to your alphabet apps collection.

Get Faces iMake - ABC on the App Store.

Note: Thank you to iMagine Machine for providing us with a promo code for Faces iMake - ABC. It was really cute!