Preschool EduKidsRoom

It's been a while since I last reviewed an activity app, i.e., a suite of mini games representing a wide range of activities that are interesting to juniors. Similar to a playground or a collection of toys, activity apps are great for stimulating learning through a variety of approaches.

Today, I'm going to review Preschool EduKidsRoom, an app designed by Cubic Frog Apps for juniors ages two to five. A digital playground, it contains 16 interactive and colorful mini games.

Playful.Preschool EduKidsRoom is a wonderful activity app for juniors ages two to five.

Learn and Play

Preschool EduKidsRoom is a Universal app that provides juniors with various activities to stimulate their growth. I would categorize the games into five different skill sets: color recognition and sorting by colors, shape recognition, number recognition and counting, memory training, and general pattern recognition.

The first set of mini games train your juniors in color recognition by asking you to match various apparels according to their colors. For example, sorting different clothes into similarly colored baskets, matching pairs of two-piece clothing and flip-flops, and putting clothes on hangers with matching colors.

The second set of games consists of various puzzles—from puzzles that form basic shapes to puzzles that let you build robots and trains. There is also a puzzle that lets you build a xylophone from wooden note blocks, and a puzzle that form triangles, rectangles, and circles from smaller geometric shapes. The last two puzzles are especially innovative, and I have yet to see them implemented in other apps.

The third set of games let you practice number skills. Some example games include counting the colorful dots on a wooden block, telling the time on an analog clock, building a clock from 12 clock pieces, and performing rotating gesture to guess the combination of a safe.

In addition to all the games I mentioned, Preschool EduKidsRoom still has three more games: a card matching game and two pattern recognition games. The first pattern recognition game asks you to identify and separate dirty clothes into the laundry basket, and the second game asks you to mimic a color grid pattern.

Color recognition.The app has multiple mini games to practice different skill sets.

Parents Need to Know

Preschool EduKidsRoom includes two game modes to address a wide age range among preschoolers. The easy mode is designed for juniors ages two to three, whereas the normal mode is designed for juniors ages three to five. Based on the play sessions I had with my son, I believe that this app is perfect for three-year-olds.

All of the games are designed to provide instant feedback. Each time you incorrectly drag a piece, the screen vibrates. Even though our first instinct was to back off, I found that both of my sons loved this kind of feedback. The app also helps to keep the interest going by encouraging juniors to "try again” with a different solution.

It is worth noting that Preschool EduKidsRoom lets you play endlessly; a random game would show up as soon as you finish the current one. Sometimes, you get a bouncy egg after a few games, which you can tap to gain a reward. I can testify that many juniors love tapping on anything that bounces. With regard to this app, the bouncy egg provides a fun break for the juniors before they play the next game.

Build puzzles.One set of mini games allow you to build many kinds of puzzles.

Things I Like

As someone who loves to design games ever since I was a teenager, I really appreciate the creative game designs that went into this Preschool EduKidsRoom. The games are designed to be junior-friendly, and feature everyday household items like clothes and toys. This helps juniors to quickly understand what the games are about.

I also like that the app has a wide selection of games, which are shown in random sequences so you almost never play the same game twice. And, as you watch how your juniors interact with the games, you can choose to enable or disable some games from the settings page. This allows you to skip the ones they have mastered and keep the ones that they need to practice their skills.

A cohesive suite.With plenty of games to play, juniors will have fun playing and learning with this app.


Preschool EduKidsRoom is not a random collection of mini games that get thrown into a single app, rather it is a cohesive and greatly designed suite perfect for preschoolers. Most of the games are unique to the app, providing a fresh digital playground for many juniors. I'd highly recommend this app if you have one or more juniors between the ages of two and five years old.

Preschool EduKidsRoom is available for iPhone/iPad
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