Vixes HD

Dreams have always been a fascinating part of our lives. Many people from different disciplines have tried to explain what they are and where they come from. As a parent, I too would like to be able this concept to my juniors. However, it maybe a little difficult for my eldest son, Philip, to understand the complex and scientific reasonings behind dreams. So, for now, I turn to this amusing storybook app about a mythical land where cute little people called Vixes work hard to create and deliver dreams when we sleep at night.

Meet the Vixes.Vixes HD is an amusing story about colorful little creatures who create dreams.

Meet the Vixes

Vixes HD introduces you to the beautiful land of Velix and its colorful inhabitants who create deliver dreams to 7 billion people on a daily basis. The main protagonists of the story are Valie and Alie, two young Vixes who, through an interactive journey, attain their wish to become Dream Deliverers.

The Vixes' story begins at home, where you help Alie and Valie with their morning routines by waking them up, fixing the water tap and preparing breakfast. Soon afterwards, a letter arrives from Professor Plank, who asks Valie and Alie to meet him at the Dream Delivery Service. He also asks them to pick up his Krabble, Mopsi, as they pass by the park.

You then help Valie and Alie by packing the necessary things for their journey, marking their locations on the map, and giving Mopsi his snacks when they finally meet him. You also get to help a couple of younger Vixes at the park just before boarding the train to the Dream Delivery Service.

Unfortunately, only adult Vixes are allowed to enter the Dream Delivery Service. So, you help Valie and Alie put on hats, glasses and fake mustaches in order to get past the guard. Once they're in, it doesn't take long for them to finally meet Professor Plank.

Apparently, Professor Plank needs Valie and Alie to create dreams for Jenny and Tommy, who have not had dreams for the past two days. Unfortunately, he leaves just before showing them how the Dream Machine works. It is now up to you to help them turn on the Dream Machine and mix the right ingredients to create Jenny and Tommy's dreams, so that Valie and Alie can become the youngest Dream Deliverers in Velix.

Parents Need to Know

Vixes HD contains 11 interactive scenes to keep juniors engaged. Example activities include tapping Valie and Alie to wake them up in the morning, dragging fruits into the juicer to make breakfast, and tilting the device to make the seesaw at the park move.

Besides fun, these activities provide excellent challenges for your juniors, as they require different skills to complete. For instance, your juniors must recognize buildings based on the narrator's descriptions. In several scenes, their matching skills are put the test as they match the colors of train tickets or electricity plugs.

Despite the different skills required, I think that these activities are simple enough for juniors ages 3 and up to solve. Additionally, the developers also included a "Tip Me!" button, which triggers visual clues to help juniors find the objects to interact with, on each page.

Let's make dreams.Help Valie and Alie turn on the Dream Machine and start making dreams.

Things I Like

Vixes HD is a great book app. In addition to the beautiful illustrations and excellent narration, I like the subtle animations that appear as you interact with the objects in some pages. I also appreciate the addition of the chapters menu where you can quickly jump to predefined bookmarks.

The developers seem to know that one of the key recipes for creating a storybook app for the iPad is including contextual mini activities alongside the storyline. I really like the types of activities in this app and the way the developers integrate them into the storyline. My favorite one is when you are required to mark your journey plan on the map, based solely on the narrator's description of the places you need to visit.

Dream on.The Vixes create custom dreams for everyone.


Vixes HD is a beautiful storybook app with a cute storyline. An interactive app, it has 11 engaging activities for juniors to enjoy. I personally find it to be a light and enjoyable reading experience, and would recommend it to parents with juniors ages 3 and up.

The developers have also published a separate iPhone app and an iBooks-format electronic book on the App Store. The e-book has a slightly different format than this iPad app, and it's free too.