Land of Mislaid Invites Kids to an Imaginative Adventure

Ever wondered what happened to all your missing spoons, pepper shakers, and candies? Rumor has it they might end up at the Land of Mislaid. Well, at least that’s what I read in The Land of Mislaid, a new storybook app from Dutch developers YipYip in collaboration with Studio Brain Muffin.

Hannah and her grandpa searches for her lost peppermint in the interactive book Land of Mislaid

Have You Seen My Peppermint?

Meant for children ages 4–8, Land of Mislaid is based on a Dutch picture book by Jort van der Jagt and Lisa Boersen. The imaginative story follows the adventures of a little girl named Hannah and her cheeky grandfather.

When Hanna’s peppermint goes missing, Hannah’s grandfather suggests that it may have rolled away to the “Land of Mislaid”, a mysterious island off the coast of South America, where all the lost things end up.

Thus begins Hannah’s and Grandpa’s journey as they row their chair through the living room to find Hannah’s lost candy. Along the way, they are assisted by an array of peculiar characters, such as the teaspoons, the salt and pepper shaker set, and the flower vase.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to really know the way to the Land of Mislaid. Can Hannah and Grandpa catch Hannah’s peppermint before it’s gone for good?

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Parents Need to Know

Each of the 12 pages in Laid of Mislaid is an imaginative depiction of Hannah’s and Grandpa’s journey, filled with talking objects and moving pictures. Kids may touch the elements on the screen to reveal hidden animations and sounds.

Navigating the app is simple. Kids simply tap on the right or left arrows on each page to move forward or backward. They can also jump to a specific page using the navigator.

The app comes with two reading modes: text only and narrated. In the narrated reading mode, kids have the option to show the text as it is read or hide it completely for a cinematic experience. The app also comes with two language choices: English and Dutch.

The app does not contain in-app purchases or ads.

Hannah and Grandpa meets all sorts of creatures on their adventure

Things I Like

I tend to favor storybook apps with unique stories, and as such I enjoyed Land of Mislaid. The story is nicely written, silly, and appropriate for its intended audience. The relationship between Hannah and her grandfather is truly endearing.

The app also had great production values. The illustrations are lovely to behold, and the animations smooth. The atmospheric soundtrack, unique in every scene, further adds to the overall reading experience. The narration is gentle and clear.

One thing that I think could be improved is how the text is laid out, because currently it looks a bit sloppy and disconnected from the beautiful illustrations. I also noticed that one page (page 5) had the last paragraph skipped by the narrator -- a minor issue, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Two reading modes are available to suit different reading skills


Land of Mislaid is a charming book app with a lot of potential. It features a nicely written and imaginative story, which is brought to life by beautiful illustrations, cinematic animations, atmospheric soundtrack, and top notch narration. A recommendable read for juniors ages 4–8.

Land of Mislaid is available for iPad
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