Babar and Badou Marches onto the iPad with a Book App

Recently, we’ve been seeing episodes from popular TV series for kids adapted as iPad apps. These include popular Disney Junior shows such as Chuggington Badge Quest and Sofia the First, and PBS Kids shows such as Sid the Science Kid and Peg + Cat. This approach allows fans of the shows to interact with their favourite characters directly on the iPad. It also exposes the TV series to new audiences.

My app pick for today is the latest app from Cupcake Digital, who is famous for their TV-to-storybook adaptations like Wow! Wow! Wubbzy and Fraggle Rock series. Today, it’s Babar and the Adventures of Badou’s turn to be adapted into an interactive storybook for the iPad.

Babar & Badou’s Musical Marching Band is an interactive storybook adapted from a popular children’s TV series

The Storyline

Babar and the Adventures of Badou is a 3D animated TV series that has been airing in the US on Disney Junior since Feb 2011. The series features the royal elephant family of Celesteville: Babar the king and Badou the young prince. Musical Marching Band is adapted from the fourth episode of the first season.

The story tells how the wicked Crocodylus plans to disrupt the upcoming visit from the royal members of Rhinoland kingdom by setting up a junior marching band consisting of his nephews Dilash and Tersh. He knows that both are unable to play any musical instruments, and he hopes the awful music would upset the royal visitors. Fortunately, Badou overhears the plot.

What will Badou do to prevent the upcoming royal visit from turning into a marching band disaster?

Prince Badou tries to stop Crocodylus from ruining the royal visit

Parents Need to Know

This app includes three mini games: object-finding game named Treasure Hunt, drag-and-catch falling objects game named Go Bananas, and drag-to-steer hot air balloon game named Alphabet Derby. The games are simple enough for juniors ages 3+ to enjoy. They are good for training fine motor skills, recognizing letters of the alphabet, and identifying various objects and animals.

The Musical Marching Band app also has three creative activities: Music Maker, Coloring, and Video Sing-Along. In the Music Maker activity, you can play with up to five musical instruments, including trombone, drum, xylophone, and cymbals. Juniors can also play with different types of coloring brushes and a variety of stickers to decorate six illustration sheets. Finally, they can also sing along a fun music video featuring the characters from the TV series.

Play mini games in the app

Things I Like

As what you would expect from storybook apps published by Cupcake Digital, this storybook also features a nice Quiet Reading mode - which is perfect for bedtime reading. This is a simple yet essential feature that many developers tend to overlook.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I really like how Badou reacts after overhearing Crocodylus’ dirty plot. I believe it’s a good moral story that would easily relatable to juniors ages 5+.

Create tunes in the Music Maker


Babar & Badou’s Musical Marching Band is a storybook based on an episode from the Babar and the Adventures of Badou TV series. While its storyline is more suitable for older juniors, its mini games and creative activities are a bit more accessible for younger juniors. Regardless whether you’re familiar with the TV series, its storyline is really worth checking out.

Babar & Badou’s Musical Marching Band is available for iPhone/iPad
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