Magikid Numbers Gets Kids Learning Numbers through Story-Based Games

By now, we all know that learning about numbers is the first step in building a solid foundation in math. In a world where many people feel that they just can't understand math, it is essential that learning be fun and non-threatening. Hoping to achieve this goal is Magikid Numbers, an app from developers Magikid.

Magikid Numbers introduces kids to numbers 1–10 through story-based games

Easy as 1-2-3

Described as a story-based game for kids ages 3–5, Magikid Numbers lets kids embark on a mathematical adventure in the Kingdom of Numbers. In the app, kids join the young Prince and his best friend, the Wizard, as they learn about the numbers from 1–10.

The app is presented in a series of 10 mini storybooks, with each book focusing on a specific number. For example, Book 1 follows the Prince on his first day of school and then discovering that one is a lonely but special number.

The book are fully narrated, and feature adorable animations on every page. They also contain built-in activities to reinforce the concepts within. To begin a story, for example, kids are first asked to trace the number on the book cover.

More activities are also present throughout the story. For example, in Book 2 kids are asked to hand out each of the school supplies to the Prince and the Wizard. In Book 3, kids are tasked to find the groups of threes amongst the pile of toys.

Kids are also encouraged to tap on all the numbers which appear on the page to collect stars, which are tallied at the end of the book in a three-star ranking system. In addition, a mini game at the end of each book tests the kids' understanding of numbers.

Finally, the app also includes a music video about numbers. The video can be accessed any time by tapping on the musical note icon at the top of the hill.

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Parents Need to Know

Magikid Numbers is a comprehensive learning tool suitable for kids ages 3–5. Besides introducing kids to the numbers 1–10, the app also touches on related topics such as sequencing, cardinality, and subitizing.

Magikid Numbers is free to download on the App Store. Parents can try out Book 1 to see if it suits their juniors, and unlock the rest of the contents (Book 2 to Book 10) for a one-time purchase of $3.99. The app does not contain ads.

The app explains numbers in various ways

Things I Like

Magikid Numbers is a well-made app with adorable graphics and animations. I like how the app introduces numbers by incorporating them into stories which kids can easily relate to. The Prince and the Wizard, for example, are kids themselves, and learning numbers for the first time. This helps build the impression that our kids are not alone in learning math.

I appreciate that the app tries to explain the concept of numbers in various ways. For example, it shows how some numbers can have special words, such as the words “a pair” and “a couple” for the number two. These concepts are then repeated in various activities to ensure kids understand them.

My only complaint is that the story does feel somewhat unfinished. At the beginning of the app, we learn that the Number King has been imprisoned by an evil wizard, and by finishing the books we can get closer to revealing the villain's identity. However not much has been revealed up to Book 10.

On the other hand, this can be seen as an opportunity to expand the app in the future. The developers are already working to add more books (up to Book 20), so hopefully we will learn more then.

Built-in activities keep juniors engaged and reinforce the concepts in the app


Magikid Numbers is a great app which introduces kids to numbers and a range of other mathematical concepts. The app features ten adorable stories that have been carefully written to help kids understand numbers in various ways, as well as cute graphics. I would recommend the app to preschoolers who are just stepping into the world of math, however older juniors can still have fun with the built-in activities.

Magikid Numbers is available for iPhone/iPad
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