Pango Disguises Lets Kids Play Pretend as Superheroes, Pirates, and More

Ever wondered why kids love playing pretend? Besides fun, make believe play is essential in a child’s development. By pretending to be different characters, kids can explore adult roles and relationships.

Today, I have a new app from developer Studio Pango which promotes imagination and role-play in kids. Called Pango Disguises, the app offers five original stories about make believe.

Pango Disguises invokes imagination through five silly stories about disguises

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane?

Just as the title suggests, disguises are the common topic in the app. All five stories follow Pango the raccoon and his friends as they don costumes and go on thematic adventures, be it as superheroes, pirates, spooky Halloween creatures, medieval knights, and even dinosaurs.

The stories are short (about 6-7 pages long), and are fully illustrated. Every page only contains two sentences: the first depicting the situation, and the second requesting the reader to perform a simple task to interact with the story.

Some examples of the task include flying Super Pango to a nearby tree to save his friend Squirrel, dividing the contents of a treasure chest into equal shares, throwing pinecones at a vampire to make him go away, dressing Pango in a knight’s armor, and tapping on a Pangosaur egg to hatch it.

Navigating the app is simple. Simply tap on one of the tabs on the right side of the screen to select a story, and use the right/left arrows at the bottom to move between pages.

Finally, the app also includes a free drawing section where kids can create imaginative illustrations based on the included instructions, such as dressing up Pango, depicting a dragon, etc.

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Parents Need to Know

Pango Disguises is a simple yet functional app suitable for kids ages 3+. Besides instilling a sense of creativity and imagination, the app also introduces young kids to simple action words, such as spin, lift, row, tickle, and many more.

For the multilingual households, the app comes in several language selections besides English, including French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. The app does not have narration built-in however, so it is recommended that parents accompany their juniors during the first few play sessions, especially if they are non/new-readers.

It is worth noting that the app does not contain in-app purchases and third-party advertising. All links to the developer’s apps and websites are protected by random security questions.

Kids can interact with the story by performing simple gestures

Things I Like

Having also tried Pango Playground before, I noticed that Pango apps have this quiet charm about them. There is just enough interactivity in the apps to make them engaging, but not so much to induce hyperactivity and confusion. I really appreciate apps like these, and honestly wish there were more of them.

With Pango Disguises, I thought the idea was unique. I like that you get five stories in an app, plus they are so silly as well. A couple of stories also touched on several educational topics besides action words, such as matching shapes and performing simple division.

Finally, the drawing activity is a nice inclusion. I like that kids get to rouse their imagination and draw their own superhero, jack-o-lantern, dragon, and others.

A drawing activity keeps kids engaged


Pango Disguises is a cute and playful app that invokes imagination and love of role-play through five silly illustrated stories plus a drawing activity. Throughout the stories kids perform simple tasks, e.g. tapping or shaking, to help the characters on their adventure. Some reading is required as the app does not include narration, thus the app is better suited for juniors ages 3+ with some help from the parents.

Pango Disguises is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.