Cricket Kids: Opposites Offers an Intuitive Approach for Kids to Learn Opposites

Having a two-year-old boy at home allows me to experience the difficulties of teaching him the concepts of opposites. One of the apps that Camila recommended to help ease this process was You and Me: We’re Opposites. It’s a delightful app where juniors can also learn about other topics such as emotion and spatial concept.

My app pick for today brings a fresh and intuitive approach to introduce various concepts of opposites. The app is called Cricket Kids: Opposites, and it comes from the same developers behind the humorous The Little Witch at School storybook.

Cricket Kids: Opposites helps kids learn about the concept of opposites

Cricket Kids: Opposites

The app is organised similar to pages in a storybook. Each of the 13 pages represents a pair of opposite words. Each pair is accompanied by a unique environment that will be used to represent the contrasting concepts using a game-like activity.

For example, to illustrate the difference between noisy and quiet, the app sets up a radio in the middle of the bedroom. Tapping on the radio will turn on the music, causing the room to be noisy. Tapping it again will turn off the music, yielding a quiet room.

Another example is how the app illustrates the hidden vs. found concept. It starts by showing two characters, who hide themselves somewhere in the room when the lights go out. Juniors are then asked to identify where the characters are.

The app also makes good uses of the microphone and the accelerometer on the iPad. In the tidy vs. untidy page, juniors can shake the iPad to make the room untidy. They need to put the items back in their respective places to tidy up. Juniors can also use the microphone to blow the candles on the birthday cake to learn the difference between lit and blown out.

Other pairs of opposites that juniors can learn in this app include asleep vs. awake, little vs. big, cute vs. ugly, full vs. empty, closed vs. open, clean vs. dirty, broken vs. repaired, and hot vs. cold.

The 13 pages in the app each has an activity that introduces kids to a pair of opposites

Parents Need to Know

This app is suitable for juniors ages 2+. It offers six different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

The app also includes a quiz mode where juniors ages 5+ can test their knowledge of sight words. Players are asked to identify which labels would fit the two contrasting images taken straight from the activities within the app. If your juniors are already able to read simple sight words such as hot/cold and clean/dirty, they should be able to enjoy the game.

The activities can be repeated endlessly

Things I Like

Other than the good uses of the microphone and the accelerometer, I really like how the app uses mini games to keep juniors interested in learning the concept of opposites. For example, to illustrate clean/dirty concept, juniors will find the two characters playing in the mud and getting the iPad screen dirty. Juniors would have to scrub the screen to clean up.

The games are also designed such that they can be played infinitely. For example, in the broken/repaired page, juniors can pull apart the robot toy until it’s broken, then reassemble it until it’s repaired. They can play with it and break the robot toy again, and so on.

The app also takes advantages of the device's hardware capabilities, such as detecting shakes to make a room messy


Cricket Kids: Opposites offers an intuitive way for juniors ages 2-5 to learn about opposites. Instead of using simple flash cards, the app uses well-designed activities to illustrate adjectives, such as untidy, hidden, dirty, and broken. It’s a good activity app that’s worth checking out.

Cricket Kids: Opposites is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.