Gocco Zoo is a Magical Zoo Filled with Colorful Animals

To my family, the zoo is a magical place. Being around exotic creatures that we would otherwise never see with our own eyes is captivating, thus whenever the holidays roll around we always try squeeze in some time to pay a visit to the local zoo. This year unfortunately we won't be able to go, but thankfully I've found a nice replacement: Gocco Zoo.

Explore a magical zoo in Gocco Zoo

Explore a magical zoo in Gocco Zoo

Let's Go to the Zoo

Created by Japanese developers Smart Education, Gocco Zoo is a magical zoo in which kids get to feed and paint the animals using colorful paints and patterns.

To get started, kids simply tap on the animal they want to play with. They can then feed the animal with various kinds of food -- some natural (e.g. banana and grass), while some aren't (e.g. birthday cake). Each food item instantly gives the animal a distinct color/pattern, and kids are invited to experiment.

The app also lets kids paint the animals using the included drawing tools. Simply tap on the colorful tree on the right, and the app will reveal the workspace complete with several color brushes, patterns, and stamps.

Once kids are happy with how their animals look, they can take a snapshot using the in-app camera, which can be accessed by tapping on the rock on the animal's left side. The app will put the animal against a rocky backdrop, and kids can change the color of the rock by tapping on the spotlight or take the photo by tapping on the camera.

Parents Need to Know

Gocco Zoo features an endless and rule-free gameplay suitable for juniors ages 2+. Neither text nor audio instructions are present in the app, however the app is intuitive enough for juniors to navigate on their own.

The basic app is free to download, and includes three animals: elephant, panda, and kangaroo. If you like what you see, you can also unlock three more animals (unicorn, triceratops, and saber-toothed cat) along with additional drawing tools for a one-time in-app purchase of $1.99. There are no ads in the app.

Watch as the animals change colors after you feed them

Watch as the animals change colors after you feed them

Things I Like

Gocco Zoo is incredibly cute. The graphics and animations are definitely the app's strong points; they are bright, colorful, and attractive. Watching the animals transform in a flashy manner after being fed was always entertaining, and perhaps my favorite part of the app. The choice of animals were also imaginative -- what other zoo-themed app lets you play with a triceratops?

Painting the animals was also fun. I loved that the app includes a selection of beautiful patterns in addition to solid colors, which allowed the creation of unique animals.

If I were to suggest an improvement, I do wish that more animals would be added in the future. I also think it would be nice to have a wider selection of food to feed the animals.

Paint the animals using colorful brushes, patterns, and stamps

Paint the animals using colorful brushes, patterns, and stamps


Gocco Zoo is a delightful app which fosters creativity through simple and playful gameplay. Kids will find delight in watching the animals instantly transform as they are fed with various food, and painting the animals in bright colors and patterns. Overall it's a lovely app, and I would recommend it especially for preschoolers.

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