Mini-U: The Kitchen Brings Six New Kitchen Games For Kids

It’s been a while since we reviewed apps from the Mini-U series by PopAppFactory. Previously we have reviewed Mini-U: Zoo Alphabet and Mini-U: Boutique. The first is still our favorite alphabet flashcard app, whereas the latter is a nice dress-up game for girls on the iPad.

My app pick for today is Mini-U: The Kitchen, an activity app containing six mini games with a kitchen theme. All the games are easily accessible from the main menu. Simply tap on any of the big kitchenware icons, such as the fridge, the oven, or the meal tray, to start.

Mini-U: The Kitchen invites kids to play kitchen-themed mini games

The Mini Games

You can play the games in any order. But I’d suggest starting with Breakfast Composer and Fridge Operator. You can play Breakfast Composer by tapping the brown meal tray icon. It’s a game of hidden objects, where you need to find a set of breakfast meals from hundreds of items. The game is quite simple and fun, yet challenging enough for younger juniors because they may need to scroll to the left/right before they can find all the required objects.

Fridge Operator is represented by the cyan fridge icon on the main menu. In this game, you are challenged to place the grocery items one at a time into the fridge, according to their assigned locations, which are represented by shadows of matching shapes.

The next two games that you should try are Italian Chef and Cocktail Maker. To play Italian Chef, simply tap the orange spaghetti icon. In this game, you are challenged to arrange different forms of pasta to match the meal design. Once the design matches, you are asked to color each strand of pasta to match the colorful design. You need to use tomato for the red color, spinach for green, squid for purple, and carrot for orange.

Cocktail Maker is a game about color mixing. Find the big juicer icon on the main menu to play the game. In this game, you are asked to mix two ingredients such that their color mix would match the desired juice color. For example: white + blue = cyan, red + blue = purple.

The fifth game in Mini-U: The Kitchen is called Product Sorter. Tap the paper bag icon to start playing this game. It’s a game where you’re challenged to sort edible stuff from the inedible ones. For example, you may find apples and bananas on the edible side, and tissue and shampoo on the inedible side.

Finally, the last game in Mini-U: The Kitchen is the musical Morning Tunes. In this game, you will be able to create your own musical mix using the kitchenware. Simply tap on each item to turn its sound on, and tap it again to turn it off.

Kids try to find hidden objects in Breakfast Composer

Parents Need to Know

The mini games in Mini-U: The Kitchen are designed for juniors ages 3-7. Using these games they will learn about shapes, colors, and differentiating between edible and inedible things. Juniors can also learn to pay more attention to details in the Breakfast Composer game where they need to find all the matching breakfast meals.

If you’re willing to accompany your younger juniors while they’re playing the games, you can even introduce them to new vocabularies. Even though the app has a strong kitchen theme to it, it also includes many other things you’d normally find in most modern homes, such as light bulb, sunglasses, alarm clock, and scissors.

Experiment with color mixing in Cocktail Maker

Things I Like

I find the illustration style used in Mini-U: The Kitchen suitable for younger juniors. I like the way the designers use simple drawings with block colors, creating colorful silhouettes which are perfect for younger juniors to learn about the outer shapes of things.

I also like the fresh gameplay design introduced in the Product Sorter game. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen a game where juniors are asked to differentiate between edible and inedible stuff. Introducing this to younger juniors may help stop them from putting inedible stuff into their mouths, especially when we’re not there to supervise them.

Kids also learn to differentiate between edible and inedible things


Mini-U: The Kitchen is a fun activity app containing six mini games played around the kitchen. It’s suitable for juniors ages 3-7 who are learning about color mixing and shape recognition. Juniors can also use the app to learn about the items that they commonly find in the kitchen, from kitchen equipments to fruits and vegetables.

Mini-U: The Kitchen is available for iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.