Damki Town Lets You Tell Stories By Coloring Its Wacky Residents

I love creativity apps, such as the recent Toca Mini from Toca Boca. I believe they are great tools for juniors and adults to unleash their creativity and create personalized contents.

I have this exact feeling when I play with Damki Town, a brand new coloring book from the developers of Fiete and Fiete Match. Now, I have reviewed other coloring apps in the past, and they also have great features. But there’s something interesting about Damki Town that gets me excited every time.

Damki Town lets kids to color and tell stories

Coloring Wacky Town Residents

Most coloring apps come with standard characters and sceneries, possibly to help juniors get some idea on how to color the illustrations. Some apps even feature famous characters, such as Disney characters. But Damki Town is different. Here, juniors will find 36 wacky characters whose looks and stories are open to their interpretation and imagination.

For example, inside the first "normal house" in Damki Town, juiors will find three characters: Sanae in her kimono, Fred the gold fish, and Johannes the lucky charm cat. There really isn’t one right way to color these characters -- it’s totally up to juniors how to interpret them and come up with creative stories about them.

In total, you will find tree houses, restaurants, a huge circus tent, a boat, and even a hospital. To start playing, simply choose one of the houses, use the navigational bar on top of the screen to switch from one resident to the next, and start coloring.

The coloring tools included in this app are basic ones, but they’re intuitive enough and perfectly suited for the app’s goals. Once you pick a color, you can either use the bucket to fill a closed area with that color, or use the pencil to paint, doodle, and write. You can also use the eraser or the undo button if you want to adjust something that you just did.

The app also includes stickers that you can put on top of your drawings. Simply tap the stars icon at the bottom of the screen to bring these stickers up. Unfortunately you can’t color or resize a sticker, but you can remove it by dragging it back to the stars icon.

The app provides basic coloring tools, as well as stamps that are unique to each character

Parents Need to Know

The developers’ recommended minimum age for play Damki Town is six years old, but I believe juniors as young as three years old can already enjoy the coloring activities. Older juniors may have slightly better ideas on what to color, but with your companion, even younger juniors can share the fun.

The color palette is really simple. There are only 15 different colors, and the app doesn’t allow you to mix the colors to create new ones. But the limited options help make the storytelling even better. For example, can you imagine what a granny would look like after she’s turned into a zombie? Go and try it out. I’m curious to see how your Zombie-Oma would look like.

Damki Town supports a limited number of undo actions. It’s a nice feature, yet is typically excluded from coloring apps for kids. Combined with its auto-save feature, the app really wants juniors to play and color freely without having to worry about saving and undoing. But if you want to have several versions of the same character, use the Camera feature. It helps you to store screenshots of your beautiful creations in the Camera Roll.

Choose from 36 wacky characters, including this Zombie-Oma

Things I Like

Damki Town encourages you to color all the 36 residents. From the town map, you can see how you’re progressing through the app. Houses whose residents are not yet colored will stay uncolored too. On the other hand, houses with colored residents will have some colors on them. When you have colored all the residents who live in the same house, that house will be fully colored in the town map. I’m sure you would want to see how the colorful Damki Town would look like.

Each of the characters in Damki Town are well designed. They are not only quirky, but they let you tell your own stories with them. Each character has a name, which reveals its gender, and a set of stickers, which can reveal its personalities.

I really like how the stickers are designed differently for each character. For example, Jack the circus elephant has a pink bandage sticker as one of its accessories. My first impression was that he’s not pink to begin with, and he must have had a lot of rough shows to earn that bandage. But, what would that sticker tell you? A lot of thoughts must have been put into designing each character in Damki Town.

You can also save your creation to Camera Roll

Playing Tips

Here are some playing tips that you can apply to get the most out of your playing time with Damki Town:

  • Peek at the accessories first. They can provide you with hints and insights of the character’s story. Remember that it’s more fulfilling to bring these characters to life rather than just applying the perfect colors on them.
  • Choose the background color last. They’re really easy to change, but they can really affect the ambience of the drawing if you apply them early in the process. On the other hand, a contrasting background color can help bring your character to life.
  • To change the thickness of the pencil, simply tap and hold it. Once a circle tip pops up, drag to the left/right to choose the size you want. The same technique can be applied to change the eraser’s thickness.
  • You can’t undo the background color. Simply choose white or another color to cover it.
  • You can pinch to zoom in the details as you’re coloring. I use this technique to create outlined text.
  • Each time you erase your drawing, you may create new enclosed areas to bucket-fill. Basically, an enclosed area is a single-colored area (it doesn’t have to be white) that is enclosed with different neighbouring colors. I use this technique to create striped backgrounds.


Damki Town is a fun and interesting coloring app for juniors ages 3+. Its quirky and wacky characters are really fun to play with. You get a bit of familiarity to help you get started with how you should color them, but the real gem lies in being able to bring the characters alive as you wish. It’s more than just a simple coloring app, it’s a great storytelling tool for anyone with an imagination.

Damki Town is available for iPhone/iPad
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