Animal Band ~ Nursery Rhymes Gets Kids Playing Music with Animals

It’s no secret that we love StoryToys. Known for their signature 3D popup storybooks, recently the developers have been releasing other types of apps: starting with their StoryToys Jr series, then a collection of themed mini games, and their most recent original story Strangebeard the Pirate Princess.

Now, a new app has joined the family: a StoryToys Jr series called Animal Band ~ Nursery Rhymes. Judging from its name, you can tell that it’s a musical app for toddlers featuring a collection of nursery rhymes.

Wake the animals to hear them play nursery rhymes

Band of Eight

At the start the app, kids will see two locations with two songs each. They can select directly the song to play, or a location to start with the first song there.

At the start of each song, there will be a band of eight animals. Unfortunately, seven of them are fast asleep. The little bear, who acts as the vocalist for the band, will greet juniors with a request to wake up his band members.

Once an animal is awaken, the song starts to play. To hear musical tones, I suggest waking up the monkeys who play the piano, percussion, and guitar. The other band members include a purple rhino playing the cymbals, an elephant who uses his trunk to trumpet, a crocodile playing the maracas, and a frog whose sounds bring a unique color to the melodies.

The more animals that are awake, the merrier the song will be. Animals can’t be muted or put back to sleep by force, but they will fall asleep in the middle of the song if kids don’t interact with them. When no one is awake, the song will stop. To resume playing, simply wake the animals again.

When the song ends, kids can replay it again, go to the next song in the playlist, or go back to the Home screen. The initial version of Animal Band includes four nursery rhymes in the following order: Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Row Your Boat, and 12345.

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Parents Need to Know

Most nursery rhyme apps tend to have their own interpretation of the lyrics and melodies, so you may find it strange if the tunes/lyrics do not suit the version that you hear most frequently. Nonetheless, StoryToys implement fun versions of beloved classics.

The initial version of Animal Band includes only four songs and two locations. However there is a placeholder that teases the third location, which looks like a farm. Knowing how StoryToys frequently updates their apps to add new features, I’m sure that it won’t be long before we can play with new songs in new locations.

Kids interact with the animals by tapping and swiping

Things I Like

Animal Band has an intuitive gameplay: simply tap on an animal to wake him up. If you tap on an animal that’s already awake, you may hear a short amplified sound of his musical instruments. You can use this feature to hear the melodies of the song by tapping one or more animals according to the song tempo.

You can also swipe an animal to see him swirl and hear a swirling tune from the associated musical instrument. You might also want to swipe the entire row of animal from left to right to see them swirl in a sequential row. Because the app also supports multiple touches, so you can tap or swirl more than one animal at the same time.

Two locations and four songs are included, with more coming soon


Animal Band ~ Nursery Rhymes is a lovely musical toy for juniors ages 1–4. It’s intuitive and fun to play with. Its tender music, beautiful background illustrations, and smooth animations make the playing experience a soothing one. Kids may start by waking up the animals, but don’t be surprised if they are the ones falling asleep before the song ends.

Animal Band ~ Nursery Rhymes is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.